16 thoughts on “OneGoal: Part One – US Men’s National Team”

  1. Love the video. US can win a World Cup, but probably not in the other hemisphere with a team that isn’t good enough and has a ton of injuries.

    Come on Joey. Sam’s Army = geeks sure, but I had a blast being a part with members in a qualifier in Portland and in France ’98.

  2. Sam’s Army is a bunch of nerds. Stop with the ridiculous face painting and wearing those stupid floppy hats. These guys probably never even played the sport and only picked it up when studying abroad.

  3. Above all, they try too hard. I’ve been to many games through the years, but I can longer associate with that crowd.

    After Altidore scored against Spain, there’s a hackneyed shot of an increduluous fan in a bar on the verge of tears. The look says, “Do you know what this MEANS?”

    Yeah, I know what it means. We’re now part of the world and all that crap and you have your excuse to emote.

    “Ohh, oh-ohh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-ohh…”

    No more. Please.

  4. Well as a guy that is a nerd, maybe way on the cool side of nerd…..I will say it is too much for me too,
    but as a huge Sounders’ fan, USMNT fan, I like their enthusiasm.

    Are the Sounders fans in the ECS section too much too ? Sure, but I am glad when I sit behind them that someone has taken too of their lives to create noise and atmosphere.

    They are free to be how they want obviously, whether we are turned off or not and it is not like the German/English fans fighting everyone.

  5. I have a better idea, maybe if we sit on our hands all game and use the PA system to start cheers. Maybe even get an organ playing to help us out too.

  6. Any big fan of any sport is a bit of a nerd. All those guys wearing jerseys at NBA games are huge nerds. UFC pretend tough guy fans are all nerds. I love sports and I love passion from the fans. I’ve tried to watch as many live sporting events as I can and I really love soccer. It’s faster moving and, being a smaller sport in this country, seems to bring about more passion. They’re nerds, but they’re fun nerds. You know who aren’t fun nerds? Self-important a**clowns that look down on other people’s passion. Good luck with your passionless life.

  7. Cleartheball, no one is not questioning their passion. we are just saying that they are nerds. As for Sounders fans, I find no problem with them trying to “create” an environment but i do have a problem with SSFC fans when they compare the experience to Europe. I would give it to them if 37k fans showed up to USL-1 games but they didn’t. Europe fans support their clubs no matter what division.

    1. Ummmm, Newcastles attendance dropped about 10k when they moved down two positions in the English football ranks. Why ? because they moved down a league. The ONLY reason they are drawing that much is because people think they will move back up…..the ONLY reason.

      People knew the USL was hard to follow and minor league. I went to a lot of games, but didn’t have season tickets. I now go to all the games and I don’t have a problem with people that did the same.

  8. Charles, St. James Park has a capacity of over 52k. A drop of 10k (according to your figures) is still 42k which is more than any MLS club. What did sounders avg. when they played in the USL? +-2K?

    1. Definitely not 2K.
      I don’t know exactly, but I was at the games, so I can go by memory. The last season can be thrown out as they didn’t play at QWest, so they were capped at around 3K and probably averaged about that.
      Before that they were in the 5-10k range at QWest, hit higher than that for the MLS teams in US Open Cup at QWest.

      Definitely not 2k for any game that I attendend…in a stadium that holds 67k, that would be been pretty comical.

      But my point is, it was minor league soccer, what do you expect ?
      3-4 guys made it to the MLS Sounders, LaToux started in a few games, Roger because of Jaqua’s injury is starting a few now.

      IF you are one of those people that think that pro/relegation would work in the US, use Seattle as your guideline….
      Move Newcastle down another division and we will see if European fans support there team no matter what. Leeds United is down to 22k fans now, what happened ?

    1. I feel sorry for you guys in areas that just don’t support soccer.

      Bizzarre because FtLaud Strikers used to have good attendance numbers. For some reason, people just haven’t jumped on board the MLS train outside of Seattle. Bizzarre.

    2. Ideas have been given to change or replace Lockhart. Nothing official has come of it. So please don’t post things like “No More Soccer in S. Fla” Nothing concrete has happened.

      Ideas are floating around that’s all. Read the article carefully please.

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