Is This Aston Villa Song the Worst Football Song Ever Recorded?

There are many English football fans who like World In Motion, New Order’s 1990 World Cup song. I am not one of those people, but I don’t think the song is an sort of embarrassment to that group.

Compared to this, however, World In Motion might as well be the Champions League theme. An unknown Aston Villa supporter decided to celebrate the club’s appearance in the Carling Cup Final by commissioning the song shown in this video. It’s called Championees, and it features the vocal stylings of X-Factor finalist a complete unknown named Niki Evans, who, naturally, is also a Villa supporter.

I’m not sure what’s worse — the cheesy synth horn section, the bland lyrics, or the fact that these Villans are declaring themselves “Championees” of anything, since they not only haven’t won this final yet, but they haven’t won a trophy since 1996. Unless you count last August’s Peace Cup. (And you might. It’s not every day that Brad Guzan wins a penalty shootout against Gigi Buffon.)

You can’t fault Villa fans for having their fun right now, and this song might be better than that monstrosity Prince wrote for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, but really, that would be damning with faint praise. Perhaps the cash spent on this would have been better spent trying to save Portsmouth — whose potential failure, as Avoiding the Drop points out, would put a rather large dent in Villa’s Champions League aspirations.

(Video spotted on 101 Great Goals.)

17 thoughts on “Is This Aston Villa Song the Worst Football Song Ever Recorded?”

    1. “…therefore you have no idea about music.”

      Neither did John Barnes, from the sound of him. He was to New Order as Tony M. was to Prince around that same time. If someone a bit more skilled had done the rap part, I would have enjoyed that song a lot more.

  1. As a supporter of the relatively unknown Premier League club Aston Villa, I often find myself being asked who we are, and the obvious answer is of course “we’re the villa, we’re the championees” and no its not a made up word, it does exist in the dictionary and, wait what is doesn’t.. I’ll get you a better explanation

  2. quite blatantly not an official song, and also villa aren’t calling themselves ‘championees’ this woman is, as i say ‘woman’ knows nothing about football, im a villa fan im not even that blind!!

  3. Uh-Mazing!!! In the immortal words of the late MJ, “Don’t stop till you get enough…” Unfortunately for me that was about the time we heard, “up the villa.”

  4. Wow that was the worst song i’ve ever heard.

    Championees haha. She’s f**kin kidding right!?
    Only a shyt club like the Villa would be singing that rubbish in the terraces.

  5. “The anfield rap” is probably up there. Dalglish smartly kept his mouth shut. But hey, they were the best club in the world at the time and those smart Adidas Kits gave them a fraction of street cred, just a bit. Barnes obviously, thankfully learned from his poor man’s LL Cool J performance by the time “world in motion” came along.

  6. On the contrary, I do not regret writing this song one little bit. I have read all the insulting & derogatory comments that fans of all persuasions have posted and I think they are absolutely hilarious. I absolutely love ’em, every single one of ’em, even those of the spaced out Zulu warriors. Believe me I absolutely howl from these remarks in my bed at night. Please keep them all coming ha ha ha! This is a free Country & every body is entitled to their opinion. If I have written the worst football song of all time then that is quite an achievement and it is now up to someone else to beat it or should that be worsen it? I wonder if Jedward are footie fans? Ha ha ha! I think it is brilliant that everyone is having a laugh because this is a really fun project. I will always love “The Villa” and they will always be “The Champions” in my eyes. Surely every single football fan truly believes that their team is the best? Anyway folks, just to let you all know that I am still writing songs that will inspire & challenge new depths of vilification or should that be “Villa”fication? Happy Days. Ha ha ha!

    Villa 4 Ever – Doug O’ Brien

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