Dave Clark Interview: MLS Talk Podcast


On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast, I talk to Dave Clark.

Dave covers the Seattle Sounders at SounderAtHeart.com, but while we talk about the Sounders’ past and upcoming seasons, the main focus of the podcast are two pieces of analysis Dave’s recently published: a look at MLS versus USL results, and a view of league strength in terms of international squad representation.

4 thoughts on “Dave Clark Interview: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. The question isn’t why has Seattle and Toronto been so successful. I am assuming that Toronto could draw like Seattle if they had a real stadium.

    The question is why isn’t the rest of the league drawing like that ?
    For those that say MLS quality isn’t good enough, yeah, because you don’t go to games. Seattle will draw more than that average EPL team this year and that is with the team limiting ticket sales.

    Is it really that simple….yes. Seattle has always drawn well, but the team didn’t do anything special. In fact, I think they made and are still making a lot of mistakes but they were “fixed” by the market ( the fans ).

  2. What Dave is saying about culture is probably true. I grew up in Texas and am probably a little bit European culture wannabe at heart. It is a strong reason why the wife and I moved to Seattle among other things. There is probably some truth to this hyperbole that if you walked into a sports bar in Texas and turned on soccer, you might either get thrown out or your butt kicked..maybe both.

    There is a cultural difference (to some degree) here in Seattle not to mention we have really strong adult amateur leagues here. Probably serves at least 15 thousand players (a good guess) with all the leagues combined. Add to that all the kiddie soccer teams and the fact that basketball left town and on top of that, the Seahawks never really amounting to much as an NFL team over the years, you have a pretty good breeding ground for soccer. I can not tell you how many times I have met people in town that either have played rec soccer in the past or currently play. It is pretty popular here.

  3. great interview RF, great insight. MLS will not be a hit in every part of the country. It’s not just a soccer thing, it applies to all the major sports. MLS just has to be smart about what cities it chooses.

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