The Best And Worst Of The Premiership Through The Noughties

Over the next few days until the end of 2009, I’ll be compliling a few articles looking at my favourite moments from the Premiership’s second decade. I’ll be looking at some of the great players, some of the great managers, matches, goals even kits. I’ll be giving you my honest opinion on what and who I thought were the best of the best in a variety of subjects.

Yet, I’ll also be looking at some of the worst moments through out the last ten seasons too. Could anyone have a worse season than Derby County did in 2007? Was there a worse managerial appointment than Tony Adams? Was sacking Sam Allardyce the stupidest decision in the Premiership? Who had the worst kit of the decade and so on!

There have been some fantastic matches, some players who just delivered game after game, some managers who were completely out of their depth.

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