Is Harry’s Tottenham The Real Deal?

RedknappWith four fixtures gone, the Premier League table is slowly starting to take shape. There is little doubt that some of the high flyers, such as Stoke City (currently fourth) will fade away and some of the struggler’s such as Everton (currently bottom) will improve. But what of Tottenham? They have enjoyed a perfect start and yet most people are happy to write them off without a moments thought. What some may forget is that Spurs have a manager with a history of defying the Premier League football odds.

Harry Redknapp has been in management for 25 years and has consistently overachieved with limited resources. At Bournemouth he led the team to promotion and a famous cup victory over Manchester United, at West Ham he consistently finished in the top half of the Premier League and at Portsmouth he won promotion and then, unbelievably, the FA Cup in 2008.

Tottenham meanwhile have consistently underachieved, finishing fifth or lower every year since the Premier League’s inception, despite spending large amounts of money at regular intervals; their potential has been talked about for a long time but never fulfilled. However, with Redknapp at the helm there is a renewed sense of optimism at White Hart Lane.

Of course, early season performances can be deceptive, but Tottenham’s form cannot be put down to a kind fixture list, nor a lot of good fortune. Redknapp’s men have outplayed last year’s runners-up, destroyed a Hull team that pushed Chelsea all the way, picked up three impressive points at Upton Park and showcased a new found persistence in Saturday’s late win over Birmingham.

Whether they can last the distance and claim a place in the top four, or even challenge for the title, remains to be seen but with a proven manager at the helm, plenty of momentum and an impressive depth to their squad, Spurs should not be written off so casually.

They were 100/1 shots pre-season to win the title, compared to an over-hyped Manchester City, who were backed in to 14/1. With a history of being made to look silly by Redknapp, the bookmakers may just be ready to rethink those odds.

10 thoughts on “Is Harry’s Tottenham The Real Deal?”

  1. Who knows what the future holds,but surely this seasons start has to be preferable to last seasons sta rt.I was never keen on Harry,s appointment,but all credit to the man both last season and the early games this season we have looked far better.We are now competing and playing well for 90+ minutes at a time.With Manure spluttering,Arsene,s Ar5enal losing their rag and the Bindippers looking decidedly ropey just maybe we can surprise ourselves and others.As long as we dont end up with one of our players involved in a diving/ cheating storm.Eduardo,Rooney,Ronaldo.Gerrard Eboue you cheat the game and you cheat yourselves.

    1. i am amazed at the criticism redknapp has had from those not looking at his record and stats……..
      he saved tottenham from disaster last year as he introduced a new regime
      of reality and now its beginning to take shape as the team settles itself
      mentally………he deals with players full stop……
      this bloke may put the great back into the club after only one year
      he has made good…..we can beat Man U at home we can give chelsea
      a good game regardless of modric being out…….

      redknapp does not like losing ……..period

      its hard to believe for some spurs fans……this is real

      birmingham were outplayed mostly and football justice was served
      for once in our favour

  2. Harrys team my beloved spurs are the real deal and i belive with luck with injurys and a good squad we can substain our form .All the punters are looking at our present form but they need to look back over Harrys arrival our form whas outstanding and we had cup and european games to contend with, also a stupid fixture list where we had to play four games and utd at wembley in the same week and the last few games with a host of players missing woodgate dawson huddlestone lennon ohara to name a few so us not getting into europe whas a blessing .plus we had a home record for shut outs and no body did the double over us .So i cant understand why people are amased that we are riding high because so far Harry has improved the squad with crouch bassong naughton and more to follow losing modders and gomes is a major blow but this gives Harry plan b witch i belive will make us even better because keane can play alonside crouch and defoe in a three pronged attack lennon palacios huddlestone keane defoe crouch or play hudds in defence and bentley out wide to whip crosses in the future bright the futures lillywhite yellow and blue.coys

  3. know way lads,,this team is crap in defence,,when we play the big boys we will fold,,to many gaps at the back,, not bad going foward,,but we are going to leak goals,,and i think it will start at preston,,,hope im wrong,,

  4. well, once rafa leaves liverpool over ownership issues, ‘arry will hightail it up to Anfield.

    and then a few months later we’ll learn about the precarious financial situation tottenham are in. déjà vu?

  5. ‘Being made to look silly by Redknapp’. How? by getting beaten 6-0 by city he sure made them look silly there didn’t he that showed City whos the boss didn’t it! In fact I can’t remember any of his teams doing that much to bother City! I can’t think of any of these times u suggest happened maybe you will enlighten me on that. Oh and I’m sure Southampton fans think he’s great! As will Portsmouth fans if they go down with the huge wage bill left over from his time there with all the rats he signed jumping ship just like him when it doesn’t look to good! Shortly after leaving West Ham they were relegated a recurring theme with the doggy one. Maybe u should look over his record a bit closer than u have.

  6. Supporting Spurs instills a certain amount of fatalism — of course something will go wrong, something always goes wrong.

    That said, it’s a helluva lot better getting 12 points from the first 12 than 1 from the first 12 😉

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