What Football Dreams Would You Make Come True?


If you won the lottery, what football dreams would you make come true? What would you do with the money? Would you buy a club, give it to your favorite team so they could buy a player, or would you use it for something else football-related?

Yesterday, an EPL Talk reader named Mike posed the question and said he would bring Walthamstow Avenue, a non-league team back to life. The team were in existence from 1900 until they dissolved in 1966.

For me, I have to go with a childhood dream of mine. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always dreamt of building a real football stadium in my backyard. First, I’ve had to have to yard big enough to hold a full-sized pitch and stadium. The ground would be a modern non-league variety. Small stands around the pitch. My own ground to practice playing football and to invite my friends over for games.

The dream seems ridiculous now, but it’s not so far fetched. Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, now a Florida resident, has a soccer pitch in his backyard. While he doesn’t have a stadium around it, he does have an authentic pub which he built in his house. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, eh?

Let’s hear what you would do with your lottery money and how you would spend it on something football-related. Click the comments link below. I look forward to reading your responses.

35 thoughts on “What Football Dreams Would You Make Come True?”

  1. It is my dream that when I become rich I will buy Dagenham & Redbridge and play myself centre mid! Depending on my performances might just be for last few minutes of games or when we’re trashing another team or being trashed. Basically I’ll be the same sub that i was when I was 11!, but for Dag & Red.

    I’d also turn Dag & Red games into a bit of a spectacle, set up a stage and get local bands to play after matches with a nightclub on premises too…

  2. Similar to yours, I suppose. And I guess I’m thinking like realistic rich… not filthy rich where I could buy an EPL team.

    I’d build my little city (just outside of Philadelphia) some sort of training ground / small stadium for youth development with the hopes of getting some kids into the MLS (Philly Union?) or USL.

  3. I would buy an absolutely amazing flat in my favorite spots in Europe so I can travel all around to watch the worlds best players, in the worlds best stadiums, in the Europe’s best cities. That would be my dream, because wherever I was, I would be home which is good enough for me.

  4. Well if I’m not mistaken, MyFootballClub paid under $10 million for Ebbsfleet and they are in the Blue Square Premier. So a couple million could land you a club below that I believe. I remember at one point Boreham Wood FC were for sale for around $1 million about 15 months ago and they play in the Isthmian Premier League.

  5. Yeah owning a club would be awesome, my little football dream is to go to a World Cup for the entire duration, just spend a month in another country and soak everything up

  6. I’d build one hell of a stadium for my local high school and I wouldn’t let the american football team anywhere near it. Awesome stadium, awesome training rooms, the whole 9 yards. Maybe a big screen at the stadium to show highlights and such. You’d better believe those boys would be playing in some awesome gear. plus I think they’d ride in Limos to away games. They might not win much but they’d look good doing it.

  7. I would buy tickets to the finals of the Champions League and Europa League for the rest of my life. I guess May every year would be a really booked month for me. heh

  8. Glad I could inspire an article! BTW, the history on Walthamstow Avenue is a little off. If they dissolved in 1966 I would never have watched them! They played until 1988 when they were merged with Leytonstone/Ilford to become Redbridge Forest. I watched them in 8 Isthmian League seasons until their fateful day. They appeared in two FA Cup 1st round draws (without making it through the 4th Qual replay) and were runners-up to Enfield the first season I watched them. It was a similar event to that Arsenal v Liverpool title game a few years back, the one documented on Fever Pitch, where Avenue’s 3-1 lead was enough for the title but they ended up drawing 3-3 and lost the title to Enfield.

    1. Just goes to show how old I’m getting. When I did some research, I could have sworn it said 1966. Looked at it again, and I saw it had actually said 1988. I need my eyes tested!

      The Gaffer

  9. I would buy into Fulham and raise some money to further make it into a monument to football. Other than the Johnny Haynes Stand, the other stands will have to be built back up again at some point in the future because they’re mostly just metal sheds, nice metal sheds, but metal sheds. I’d have them built of brick, stone, and steel, and meant to last for hundred of years as a structure. Other than that I’d keep Fulham the same.

    If I couldn’t buy into Fulham, I’d buy Sheffield Wednesday perhaps since it is a club with some financial potential and lots of history, plus an historic ground.

    Alternatively, I might buy into a German club having spent some time in Germany and because the Bundesliga is the best followed domestic league and the fans are fantastic. The quality of the football is good too. The first professional team I ever followed was 1.FC Köln so that might be the team I’d try to get involved with but they have had some board management issues in the recent past, so I don’t know.

    Merthyr Tydfil also needs some help and maybe I’d help them too.

    Would be grand for sure. The fans would respect me, but I’d definitely think about buying a club or participating in a consortium.

  10. My dream? That every Liverpool fan would be arrested for hate crimes for their anti-semitic campaign and death threats against World Soccer Daily.

      1. You two are insane. The idiot’s problem was of his own making, and he’s never provided evidence of his allegations. Good riddance.

        OK, setting aside the thread hijack by these muppets … I’d buy Cork City.

      2. I know I should really ignore you so you go away but…

        Seriously? Let it go, mates. He did it to himself and, therefore, said he’s sorry in the end. It’s over and everyone but you two have moved on. Please do the same.

  11. Now I want World Soccer Daily back too (just found out)… absolutely disgusting. Liverpool fans are an abomination. Screw each and every one of you. You too Gaffer for starting this. Pathetic selfish snobbery. Uggghhhh… pathetic!!!

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    1. Lyle, let’s not get started on this again. I’d like to keep the topics covered here to football. For the record, I didn’t start it. Cohen said the words he said in April. I simply acted as a journalist, brought the story to light and reported the facts.

      The Gaffer

      1. Of course it’s going to brought up because EPL Talk is the epicenter of all this. Who are you kidding?

        You presented the accepted view of the facts presented by the British government and accepted by the British media, I’ll give you that… but there’s still some gray to be picked at when it comes to Hillsborough. And as an avid reader of English media I’m actually quite ashamed at their lack of courage to go beyond the Taylor Report on Hillsborough. People act is if Cohen had denied the Holocaust and I’m sorry but Hillsborough ain’t the Holocaust.

  12. Actually, I’d like to see Tottenham hold on to this lead just to see someone *different* win the Premier League for a change.

  13. id have to say i would prolly not buy a football club…but i would like to help the Univeristy of Kentucky soccer program…make their soccer complex better than what it is. make it into an actual stadium..rather than just blechers on the sidelines..make the players of the team feel like they are on top of the world playing at nice stadium. give them nice locker rooms….possibly try to get a coach outside of america to come and coach them, just give them thing to be excited about. Our college soccer programs are not really invested in or looked even looked at…and i think that needs to change. But i have to say thats what i would do with the money.

  14. I’d donate it all to the Bolton Wanderers, they could buy decent players and sack that Elmander joker! It’d be brilliant!
    Other than that I’d attend every England game from here til as far as my money would get me. It’s always been my dream to see an international match in person.

  15. My dream is also building my own pitch in my backyard. It would include electronic ad boards, flood lights a complete dressing room, and the pitch diminsions would be the same as Highbury for all my mates to enjoy. Gaffer it really saddenss me that you are one of the reasons that World Soccer Daily is not on the air no more. World Soccer Daily is the reason football has grown so much the past 3-4 years. Thank You So Very Much WSD for making football what it is now!!

    1. Smooth, I’m not one of the reasons why WSD is not on the air anymore. I brought the subject out in the open, but the rest is history (which didn’t involve me). And yes, WSD helped contribute to the growth of the game in this country but I disagree that it “is the reason.”

      The Gaffer

  16. I would create a Europe Premier League which is like the Indian Premier League (Cricket) where companies from all over the world “buy” the best players for a 4-6 team tournament.

    Apart from that, my dream is to have Beckham, Cantona and Ronaldo all playing in the one United team…it would be heaven on a football pitch!

  17. I would buy Cork City, the biggest fanbase in Ireland, build a 20,000 seater stadium on the Ballincollig Bypass and buy players that would get them into the Champions League.

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