MLS Talk Podcast #93: Historic and Cultural Significance of the US win over Spain


Frequent guest on our show, Jamie Trecker of Fox Sports and author of Love and Blood joins us. Today’s discussion with Jamie however is focused on different issues: the historical and cultural context of the US win over Spain and the US National Team in American society. We also preview the Confederations Cup final against Brazil. Following that discussion Robert Jonas joins us from the Bay Area with some postgame interviews following San Jose’s 2-1 win over the LA galaxy.

One thought on “MLS Talk Podcast #93: Historic and Cultural Significance of the US win over Spain”

  1. Finally the podcast we have all been waiting for! Jamie Trecker and yourself discussing an undisputed big win for the US. Let’s hope the next pod with both of you is a repeat. How great it is to hear talk of how the US has achieved things after years ( not saying wrongful criticism) of criticism.

    Interesting point and true in my book that the driving force of soccer in the US is now know, the USMNT. What would a Cup title and win over the undisputed best soccer nation in the world do for the sport. Well, the Women’s world cup victory should be the example and lead us to believe that a win over Brazil will make this team headline news through WC 2010.

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