Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 13


Good crowds attended this week’s eight matches, except of course in Dallas. The league averaged just over 16,600.

The week began with west leading Chivas USA visiting Houston. A midweek turnout of over 14,500 saw the Dynamo continue its good form.

On Saturday, the east’s top teams clashed in DC in front of over 18,300. Toronto hosted the hapless Red Bulls with its usual sellout. Kansas City also sold out for the visit of the Revs. 19,718, around their YTD average, saw the Galaxy’s undefeated streak end. A throng of 28,999 witnessed Seattle rebound from its loss to Chivas last week.

Decent weather and a top opponent couldn’t bring out more than 12,700 to Columbus on Sunday.

While 5 clubs are up in average attendance, it’s disturbing that five others, Chicago, Dallas, DCU, LA and San Jose are down over 22%.

After week 13 the numbers look like this…

  5 year comparison
  WK 13 100 GP YTD
  Avg +/- GP Avg +/- Avg +/- GP
 2005   12,309     8   14,335     14,160     87 
 2006   13,440   9.19%   9   14,914   4.04%   14,924   5.40%   81 
 2007   11,574   -13.88%   6   15,178   1.77%   15,059   0.90%   85 
 2008   17,594   52.01%   9   16,324   7.55%   16,836   11.80%   93 
 2009   16,634   -5.46%   8   14,883   -8.82%   14,883   -11.60%   100 

Here are the attendance comparisons to 2008’s equal number of home games(100):

MLS Attendance Averages – Equal # of Home Games
  2008 2009
  Att Cap Att Att +/- GP % of Cap Cap
 Seattle  0   0.00%   29,401   NA  7   91.88%   32,000 
 Toronto  20,133   91.61%   20,220   0.43%   9   92.00%   21,978 
 LA Galaxy  24,876   92.13%   19,298   -22.42%   7   71.47%   27,000 
 Houston  16,736   74.38%   15,480   -7.51%   7   68.80%   22,500 
 Real Salt Lake  16,419   76.25%   15,449   -5.91%   6   79.88%   19,340 
 ChivasUSA  14,376   53.25%   15,312   6.51%   8   56.71%   27,000 
 D.C. United  20,817   92.52%   14,811   -28.85%   8   65.83%   22,500 
 Columbus Crew  12,270   54.40%   12,417   1.20%   6   55.05%   22,555 
 Colorado Rapids  14,540   80.40%   12,410   -14.65%   4   68.61%   18,086 
 Chicago  16,440   82.20%   11,726   -28.67%   6   58.63%   20,000 
 NE Revolution  10,289   45.73%   11,511   11.88%   5   51.16%   22,500 
 N.Y./N.J. Red Bulls  13,525   53.69%   10,966   -18.92%   7   43.54%   25,189 
 San Jose  16,483   72.70%   10,882   -33.98%   6   88.23%   10,300 
 KC Wizards  9,483   91.32%   9,703   2.32%   7   93.44%   10,385 
 FC Dallas  13,447   65.59%   8,770   -34.78%   7   42.78%   20,500 

Capacity Disclaimer

YTD – 100 Games
  Average Median %<10K %>20k
 2005    14,335     12,106    30.00%   15.00% 
 2006    14,914     13,148    22.00%   16.00% 
 2007    15,178     14,235    12.00%   22.00% 
 2008    16,324     15,148    11.00%   26.00% 
 2009    14,883     14,138    16.00%   16.00% 

Week 13 Games
Houston 1 Soccer y Fútbol – Barnard Fallas
Chivas USA 0 Dentro del Rebaño, (‘Inside the Flock’)
DC United 2 Behind the Badge
Chicago 1 Fire Official Site
Toronto FC 2 TFC Official Site
RBNY 1 Red Bulls Reader
FC Dallas 1 3rd Degree – Buzz Carrick
Houston 3 <Soccer y Fútbol – Barnard Fallas
Kansas City 3 Hillcrest Road
New England 1 Revolution Official Site
Los Angeles 0 LA – Official Blog
Real Salt Lake 2 Behind the Shield
Seattle 2 Seattle Times
San Jose 1 Mercury News
Columbus 2 Columbus Dispatch – Crew XTra
Chivas USA 1 Dentro del Rebaño, (‘Inside the Flock’)

Why No Game Reviews?

After writing brief reviews of matches for the past few weeks, I figured, what the hell, there are folks out there much better equipped to give you the ‘what happened’ information. So from here on I’ll present(along with attendance) a scoreboard with links that I use to get the lowdown.

End of Week First Thoughts

  • No Draws This Week!!!!!!
  • Houston is proving to be the best in the league as we approach the halfway mark.
  • DCU has surged passed Chicago to sit atop the east. Is Blanco the match that fans the Fire?
  • FC Dallas was listed by Forbes as one of the teams that made money in 2007. Wonder if they’ll finish in the black this year.
  • KC, in its familiar Jeckyl and Hyde mode, convincingly beat the visiting Revs. Houston visits on July 4.
  • SuperLiga begins next week for Chivas USA, Chicago, Kansas City and New England. The next league games for all of them is on July 4.
  • They shoulda had goals: Alan Gordon, Andre Rocha, Kenny Cooper. At least these are the ones I saw.
  • The fun of MLS and International conflicts continues its consecutive run of weeks that won’t end until the Gold Cup final on July 26. The next round of World Cup qualifiers is the 2nd week of August.
  • Will Huckerby’s return change the Quakes fortunes?
  • Yallop is wondering where ‘that’ Cam Weaver was.
  • The Dynamo like it hot. Wins at home(91 degrees) and on the road(94 degrees).
  • The Crew are cruising, undefeated in 9.
  • Tough week for Chivas USA, my pick to win the west, losing to Houston and Columbus.


    The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.continues with the 2nd round. The eight MLS clubs will join the competition in the 3rd round on June 30.

  • 10 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 13”

    1. I wish we’d be allowed to focus on the US team and MLS would not play during important tournaments. Even more insulting is Superliga being played against what are largely third tier Mexican teams during the biggest event the US plays in between world cups. Does MLS have any shame?

      I like Peter C’s weekly column but some of us just cannot be bothered at this time. It’s not your fault, buddy but the fault of the arrogant suits in New York that force the issue. How the hell can MLS claim to be supporting US soccer when they put supporters in the position of either missing their clubs games or the US games when they start at the same time? How can MLS claim to be supportive when they also hurt TV ratings for US games by forcing supporters to make a choice- many choose MLS and then we read stories in the Sports Business Journal about US MNT TV ratings slipping. Gee, I wonder why?

    2. As we spoke about earlier in the year once summer hit in full force you would see attendance grow. We are now into the American season. Good weather brings the fans out. MLS is stuck with the reality that American’s expect their soccer to be played on warm days or nights with the elements a non-factor. That is not bad. Winter sports playoffs have ended, MLB is playing one for the most part meaningless game after another. Soccer in American in all it’s forms has the spotlight until September 1 when MLB means something and the NFL is ready to kick off. A successful summer by the USMNT and interest created by Superliga and European team summer tours will only increase the popularity of the American game and MLS.

      While it is necessary for MLS to break during international matches any thought that the summertime is the time for soccer in America should now be finally retired.

    3. Great job Peter C. We are spoiled by your efforts. Your info is some of the only facts that the American public can rely on week to week as to some of the reality out there with MLS. The ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ series is very helpful.

      Ok. A question. I’m confused. Wasn’t KC having problems last year with attendance? Do they play in the Chiefs stadium or on their own field? What has caused the rise in attendance, does anyone know? Also, if there is someone out there attending KC games, how is the experience? Is it lower-level seating like RFK and Sounders games?

    4. Sorry everybody, I’m having a brainfart, I forgot which field KC plays on. I know I can look it up too and I will. Just thought I’d turn it into a multi-question comment.

    5. Mitch,

      KC are in their 2nd year playing at Community America Ballpark. They’ll be there for 2010 as well while their new stadium is constructed.

    6. Isn’t the only reason San Jose has lower attendance this year because the LA game didn’t have as big an effect as their one home game outside of Buck Shaw so far this year?

      Buck Shaw’s capacity is 10,600 and they’re averaging 10,300. That’s pretty damn good, in my opinion.

    7. Ryan,

      You are correct. I did include a ‘Beckham effect’ section in an earlier post which included the SJ numbers.
      Last year SJ drew over 20,000 for Chicago in its opener and over 39,800 in their 5th home game for Becks. In August(8th home game) they got another Beck’s boost with over 26,000. Obviously none of the 3 were played at Buck Shaw(Oakland Alameda).
      This year’s 1st visit by LA drew a bit over 15,800. LA’s 2nd visit is this week, also scheduled for Oakland Alameda.
      It will be interesting to observe the attendances when Beckham returns to MLS play in July.

    8. Anybody see the Dynamo, their fans, and their orange smoke dominate FC Dallas in Dallas (Frisco)??? That’s gotta be demoralizing.. choking on the opposing teams smoke as you try to make up a 3-0 deficit at home…

    9. Joe Cannon made the save of the year on a Fredy Montero shot in Seattle on Saturday. It’s worth a look…Montero should have scored, but Cannon gets his back foot heel on the shot to deflect it across the goal and out of bounds. Just unreal.

      sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

    10. How much more will HSG have to run the FC Dallas franchise into the ground before someone at MLS does something about it?!?!

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