Live Blog: Premier League Final Day

It’s finally here. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. The final day of the Premier League season. Cue the TV footage of football supporters biting their nails, heads in hands, young children crying and fans frozen in their seats even after the final whistle.

And, of course, we cannot forget the jubilant supporters singing, dancing and crying tears of joy as their team stays up.

Today, to celebrate the battle at the top and bottom of the Premier League, Paul Bestall will be hosting a live blog to bring you all of the highs and lows of the action. Feel free to post your comments before, during and after the matches to share your insight, observations, fears and stories of joy.

The live blog starts here at 10:45am ET/3:45pm BST.

Afternoon everyone, so we’re counting down for the final kick off of the Premiership season, and the team news is filtering through now. So a deep breath and we’ll begin:

United’s team is probably bad news for Newscastle fans: Kuszczak, Rafael Da Silva, Neville, Brown, De Laet, Nani, Fletcher, Gibson, Welbeck, Martin, Macheda.

Owen and Smith make the bench for the Geordies but Beye doesn’t make it all unfortunately, Chelsea have no Frank Lampard in the side and no doubt Sunderland won’t be too sad to see that.

Omens wise, Manchester United have never won a league game at Hull City, oddly the last time Mongolia went to the elections on a weekend, Newcastle beat Villa 3-0 and Sunderland have never won their last match of a Premiership season. Meanwhile Boro were the last team to beat West Ham on the closing day of the season!

15:58. The teams are coming out up and down the country, and were on the threshold of the kick offs up and down England. It’s a beautiful day over here too, so even the sun’s come out to see what happens.

16:00. Shearer has taken his seat, applauding the fans as he goes! We’ve kicked off at Villa Park and Sunderland but Hull are a minute behind!!!

16:01. Early run from Agbonlahor and Villa are cutting through Newcastle at will far too early for Geordie fans

16:05. Hmm, Villa fans are singing very rude songs toward Alan Shearer, meanwhile Hull are having a lot of early pressure against United!

16:07. Coloccini is having a mare! Newcastle fans will be hoping it’s just early nerves!!

16:09. No goals so far in any Premiership games, so it’s as you stood at kick off so far. Ooo, Drogba had a good chance at Sunderland, but missed. Phew!

16:11. Hull are making all the early running but Duff has a great chance for Newcastle, great save from Friedel! Villa have a lucky escape, clearing off the line. Great spell of pressure from Newcastle Manchester City have just taken the lead thru Caicedo.

16:15. Wow, Martins has a great chance, but just snatches at it. He’s linking up well with Viduka. Arsenal take the lead at the Emirates. Beattie own goal!

16:18. No news in the chase for Europa League football so far, all the games are 0-0. I doubt that the score will stay like that at Villa Park though, someone has to take one of the chances at either end soon enough.

16:20. Are Stoke on the beach already? Arsenal are now 2-0 up and Gardner almost gives Villa the lead!

16:22. Villa are now pushing Newcastle back, and Steve Harper has just had to make two excellent saves

16:24. Arsenal are rampant at the moment, 3-0 now after Van Persie made it 2-0, Diaby getting the goal

16:26. Ballacks coming on for Chelsea and Manchester United have scored. 1-0 Gibson!!!

16:27. Well it was a great goal from Gibson and at the moment, Hull are going down! A 30 yard screamer and the Hull fans look shocked!

16:29. Wigan take the lead against Pompey, Hugo Rodellaga makes it 1-0. Ballack has replaced Beletti

16:35. Welbeck has just shot wide and Torres has just given Liverpool the lead! 🙁

16:36. Geovanni wastes a free kick and Steven Taylor just picked up a silly booking for the Newcastle. Marcheda misses and opportunity for United, when Martin was probably in a better position. Blimey, Andy Dawson stings the hands of Krusjcak. Fuller has pulled a goal back for Stoke and West Ham have taken the lead against Boro. Villa have just taken the lead, a deflected Barry shot, so Newcastle have dropped back into the bottom 3!

16:38: Carlton Cole has scored for the Hammers, and the odd scene of Manchester United fans celebrating the Villa equaliser!

16:42. Another great chance for Agbonlahor goes just wide, Newcastle are rocking here. Arsenal have just hit a fourth at the Emirates, Van Persie gets another and Everton have taken the lead at Craven Cottage!

16:49. Martins misses another chance for the Geordies just before the half time whistle. It’s half time at Hull and Sunderland and the bottom 5 are exactly where they were at 4pm. The goal at Villa Park is now credited to a Damien Duff own goal.

16:52. Phew! Half time then and still too close to chose. It’s still tight at every game, with the exception of Arsenal who seem to have put there final game of the season to bed. An early goal in the second half at Villa Park or Hull, could change everything. What a massive 45 minutes we face!!

16:56. Apparently Newcastle were out of the bottom 3 for 13 minutes. Talk about omens!

17:00. Let’s see if we can manage to get all the games kicking off on time, Hull were a minute behind in the first half, so hopefully we’ll all kick off on time for the second half.

17:01. Arsenal have had 8 excellent chances by all accounts and the naughty Spurs fans won’t sit down no matter how loud the announcer at Anfield requests them to do so!!

17:05. It’s how the teams handle there nerves now, Is it time to chuck Owen on straight away? Looks like Middlesbrough only have 45 minutes left in Premiership and Hull can’t rely on the score not changing.

17:07: We’ve kicked off everywhere again.

17:08. Anelka scores for Chelsea, taking the lead in the race for the Premiership top scorer, with 19 now. What a wonderful goal, .smashing it home from 25 yards. Super goal

17:10. Newcastle still look like there in the dressing room, not good for Geordie nerves. Gary O’Neill has equalised for Middlesbrough, so 1-1 at Upton Park.

17:12. Richardson equalises at the Stadium of Light, so 1-1 now for Sunderland too.

17:14. Newcastle look so shaky at the moment, they seem to be bereft of any confidence. Villa are attacking in waves now. Folan has come on for Hull to try and get something for the Tigers.

17:15. Shearer looks like to make a change but he’s bring on Jose Enrique? Martins looks finished out there too. Enrique is coming on for the invisible Lovenkrands at Villa Park. Oh dear, it’s a bit of a shocker for Boro goalie Brad Jones too.

17:22. If Villa get a second, it could be all over for Newcastle. They escape a good handball shout too.

17:25. Newcastle seem to have woken up a bit, but Villa are pressing them back again after a bried flurry of activity in Villa’s penalty box.

17:26. Liverpool 2-0 up now, Dirk Kyut gets a goal off Alan Hutton. Owen’s on for Kevin Nolan, could he do it?

17:30. coming into the final 20 minutes now. Hull are pressing for an equaliser at the moment. Oh my goodness, Gareth Barry misses a great chance to make it 2-0.

17:32. Elvis is urging Hull City on at the KC Stadium, well, someone dressed as Elvis anyway. Red card for Jason Roberts for Blackburn

17:33. Kalou makes it 2-1 for Chelsea against Sunderland.Another great goal for Chelsea.

17:35. Viduka is off, for Ameobi and Heskey has come on for Villa.

17:37. Last 15 minutes now, it’s do or die time for Newcastle if they want to be in the Premiership next season, but they look so flat.

17:39. Oo, Robbie Keane gets a goal at Anfield and Carew misses a sitter! Good lord.

17:41: Phil Brown is certianly going for it, Daniel Cousin is coming on for Hull and they are coming closer to a chance.

17:43. Liverpool get a third and close the door on the Europa League for Spurs, Benayoun.

17:45. Hull are having a lot of pressure, but Chelsea hit a third, from Ashley Cole!!!

17:46. Newcastle fans are trying to sing the lads home, but the players are struggling to impose themselves. Ameobi has their first shot of the second half, but it’s high and wide.

17:49 Everton go 2-0 at Fulham, Osman with his second.

17:51. Sunderland pull a goal back, Jones with the goal

17:52. It’s injury time at Villa Park now, and Newcastle head a chance over the bar. It’s desperate stuff from the Geordies.

17:55. time is running away from Newcastle here and Edgar has been sent off. It’s all gone wrong for Newcastle today.


17:57. Lots of fans crying in the away end at Villa Park, sad day for those fans. MIDDLESBROUGH ARE RELEGATED.


17:59. Shearer looks devestated as you’d expect. The fans at Hull and Sunderland are going mad. They’re safe for next season.

18:00. It’s all over then, Newcastle just couldn’t find the goal they needed to save themselves. I’m sure the next few days will see some hand wringing, but that’s it. Thank you for your company and hope you’ve tried to enjoy it as much as possible. It’s going to be a very interesting Summer in Newcastle.


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