Weekend TV




Austin-Puerto Rico, 8pm FSC


Everton-Spurs, 10am FSC  (Tim Howard)

Milwall-Leeds 10 am Setanta (Zac Whitbread)

Fulham-Aston Villa Noon Setanta (Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel)

West Ham-Liverpool 12:30 pm FSC (Jonathan Spector)

San Luis-Toluca 6pm Telefutura (Michael Orozco)

Columbus-Kansas City 7pm FSC

Houston-FC Dallas 9pm ESPN

America-Necaxa 10 pm Telefutura (Daniel Hernandez)


Seattle-Los Angeles 3pm Telefutura

Indios-Chivas 5pm ESPN Deportes, Azteca America (Marco Vidal)

Chicago-Sky Blue 6pm FSC


MLS Direct Kick will have all non nationally televised MLS games this weekend.

USL Live will have all non nationally televised USL-1 games this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend TV”

  1. Can we explain why the FSC/ESPN doubleheader this weekend. Not to mention my home team the Fire has it’s game on local free Tv. With the weather for Saturday night predicted to be not the best then why would a thinking person in these hard economic times take a trip out to Toyota Park. And I have to fit in time to see the new Star Trek movie. Oh, yes, the Blackhawks will have their playoff game on TV Saturday night too. I can already write the story for Monday how the crowd at the Revs v. Fire game was less then expected.

  2. And we have another week of atrocious TFC reffing. Anyone else thinking it’s a conspiracy against a quality team? MLS hates Canada, :(

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