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Streit declares “to hell with Jens, I am the biggest Douche Nozzle in the league”

Who’s your douche-daddy?

080110 streit 3 Streit declares to hell with Jens, I am the biggest Douche Nozzle in the league

That’s right Albert!

Angered that notorious douche-weasel, Jens Lehmann had grabbed all the headlines this week with his shoe throwing incident against Salid Salihovic, Albert Streit decided to take matters in his own hands by getting into a punch up with the non-ghetto Boateng brother, himself a bit of a douche-waffle.

His plan worked when he got his fellow douche-wad suspended by Martin Jol, who had to break up the douche-off. Streit has long been a controversial figure, who hasn’t been more than a douche-nugget for any team he has played for. He has spent more time promoting himself for the Mannschaft or Series A than providing any modicum of ability to the clubs that have been stupid enough to buy him.

So in a week where Hamburg should be all smiles as they seem poised to end a 26 year drought, let’s hope that Jol won’t live to regret purchasing the cancer that is Albert Streit. Whether they win or lose the title, I for one want it to be on the pitch and not because they were desperate in January and grabbed the first douche-mcmuffin available.

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5 Responses to Streit declares “to hell with Jens, I am the biggest Douche Nozzle in the league”

  1. Abby says:

    Jens may be Jens, but he at least seems rather non-douchy outside of a game. I don’t think one can make the same case for Streit…

  2. Chris says:

    The crappy thing is Jerome Boateng is a good kid who for some reason has ended up on Jol’s bad side. I have *no* idea what he’s done, but following his ejection in Sunday’s Leverkusen match, I think Jol was looking for a reason to stick it to him.

  3. Double Pivot says:

    I agree Chris. I actually like him too. I wonder if Jol is channeling frustrations from his brother’s time at Spurs at the younger one :)

  4. Chris says:

    And Streit *is* the biggest douche bag in the B’liga. For the life of me, I can’t fathom why HSV went and picked him up.

  5. Muh says:

    Maybe the figured that Jol can keep him better in check or something. Or they are desperat for some more news appearances, after all it´s hard to be a big and famous club if you don´t provide the occasional news bit and some scandal now and then… =)

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