Poll: Who Will Win? Liverpool Or Chelsea?

The next battle of the Big Four is set for this Sunday when Chelsea travels to Anfield in a crunch match for both sides. Rafa needs to regain his composure and get his team winning at the ground that used to be a fortress. Chelsea needs to prove that they’re capable of beating a Big Four side under the reign of Luiz Felipe Scolari. Who do you think will win? Vote now.

Who will win this Sunday? Liverpool or Chelsea?
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3 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win? Liverpool Or Chelsea?”

  1. Its going to be extremely hard for both sides. Chelsea are coming to form at the right time however Liverpool have to much to lose and cannot see them slipping up at home. If the liverpool supporters are at there best they will win by the odd goal other wise I would go for a draw. Liverpool Reina Carra -Skertl- Agger- Aurelio Mascherano Alonso-Gerrard Benayoun(Nemeth) Torres Reira

  2. It's Liverpool. It's 2009. It's a draw.

    Chelsea to equalize in the 86th minute, followed by the immediate replacement of Torres, Keane, and Gerrard with Lucas, Hyypia and Plessis.

    Me? Bitter much?

  3. They say that when an animal is pushed farther and farther back into the cage with a stick it will eventually do something desperate. Liverpool are in the same position. As a Chelsea supporter i would naturally want Lampard to kick Gerrard's butt in midfield but who knows what the Gods have in store for us and them tomorrow
    My prediction 3-1 chels. or 2-0 liverpool.
    Peace and Keep it REal

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