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Martin Tyler Interview

martin tyler1 Martin Tyler InterviewMartin Tyler, legendary football commentator, is the first interview guest of 2009 in the return of the EPL Talk Podcast, the only Premier League interview show on the Internet.

Tyler’s voice is synonymous with the Premier League. Many may argue, myself included, that he is the last of a great generation of football commentators. Not only is he an artist at delivering an exemplary commentary in a perfect English style, but he’s also a gentleman and a scholar of the game.

Interviewed by Johnathan Starling, Tyler discusses a host of topics in the 50 minute interview including:

  • how he became a commentator,
  • his childhood memories of listening to football commentaries on radio,
  • what his first football commentary experience was like,
  • what legendary World Cup footballer coached Tyler when he was an amateur footballer,
  • how football commentating has changed in the past 30 years,
  • his philosophy about the principles of good commentary, and much more.

Tyler also discusses how ashamed he was to be an Englishman after crowd trouble by English hooligans after the 1998 World Cup match versus Tunisia. Plus he answers questions from EPL Talk readers including what a daily routine is like for a football commentator.

Also, listen to the episode to find out how you can win a copy of Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009, the new game from Sega and Sports Interactive.

If you enjoy this Martin Tyler interview, be sure to subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode. The podcast is now back on a regular schedule and new episodes will be released every two weeks. Our goal in 2009 is to bring you some of the biggest names in football as well as many of the unheard stories.

The Martin Tyler interview is the 109th episode of the EPL Talk Podcast. Each of the previous interviews are still archived for your listening pleasure including interviews with Graham Poll, Ray Hudson, Andrew Jennings, Paddy Crerand, Tim Vickery, Guillem Balague and many others.

Listen to the Martin Tyler interview now:


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4 Responses to Martin Tyler Interview

  1. The Dmix says:

    Mr Tyler is a legend :)

    Love his style, his knowledge. Everything about him.

  2. spyros says:

    This is the first time I watched the whole FIFA 2010. They should say during the game who the commentator is for the play by play. I had to askyahoo for the name of the commentator & I got>>Martin Tyler. Listen to what Martin Tyler sez during the games & he is; “bang-on” with any comment. Glad to hear that Martin Tyler will also comment on the FIFA 2014 games !!

  3. George says:

    He cannot work on a game without mentioning “Manchester united”

  4. paul says:

    What !! Martin Tyler commenting in 2014. I really believe that he should hang up his mike long before then. His needless ramblings ( not to be confused with commentary) during each and every game is unnecessary and frankly distracts from the match in progress. Come on Martin do the right thing and retire gracefully. You do not want to be compared to the middle eastern despots of recent times who did not heed the times of change. You have had your “glory” days, time to put your feet UP instead of in your mouth.

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