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Play The New Premier League Predictions Game

epl talk predictor Play The New Premier League Predictions Game

If you’ve played I Know The Score (IKTS), the official predictions game from the Premier League, you’ll know how addictive the game is and how difficult it can be get the predictions correct.

Thankfully, there’s now a solution to making the game of predictions easier and even more addictive: the EPL Talk Predictor.

The EPL Talk Predictor allows you to predict games similar to how IKTS does, but also employs the wisdom of crowds by telling you how the people in the rest of the community predicted — so you have a helping hand when making your decisions.

I played EPL Talk Predictor for the first time this weekend and here’s what I found:

After taking 2 minutes to register for free and uploading my avatar, I placed a bet on each game this past weekend and selected between a home win, draw or away win, as well as the under/over.

In the EPL Talk Predictor, you get one thousand british pounds of virtual money to bet. In many ways, that adds a whole different dimension to the prediction game — especially when you’re using fake money instead of your hard earned cash.

The features within the EPL Talk Predictor are intuitive and very easy to use. One of the best features is the ability to see how the EPL Talk community voted. Plus there’s an overall leaderboard so you can see where you rank among fellow soccer fans.

Another benefit of EPL Talk Predictor is it allows you to get comfortable with knowing how the betting system works so you can bet for real later on, if you want to, with more confidence.

According to BetUknow, using the tips of BetUknow’s Top Advisors would give you a net profit of no less than 49.6. In other words, net gains of almost £50 for any £100 you risk. For example, the net gains of the Top Advisors on the Premiership week 4 matches were 48% (including hitting it right on Hull’s shock win over Newcastle). On a recent Tuesday, the net gains of the Top Advisors when as high as 78%, making some great picks on the first set of Champions League matches, and this dropped to 23% on Wednesday’s matches.

BetUknow is the first ever online Fantasy bookie. Just before you place your real bet you’re welcome to test your betting skills and profit from the crowd’s wisdom. Each week every user is handed with 100 virtual pounds for any opened match to place his bets, with real live odds. The competition winners are the ones who were the most profitable in their bets.

It’s the ultimate betting tips mechanism and it’s all for free. Give the EPL Talk Predictor a try today.

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