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Impact Advance: MLS Falters

champ lg montreal advance 300x176 Impact Advance: MLS Falters

Longtime FC Dallas GK Matt Jordan kept a clean sheet as USL-1 side Montreal Impact advanced in the Champions League

Even after DC United beats the Charleston Battery in tonight’s US Open Cup Final, USL will have achieved something tangible that MLS failed at attempting, and failed badly at: to advance a team out of the qualifying round of the CONCACAF Champions League. Montreal got a draw on the road to Real Esteli and advance intyo the group stage of the competition while MLS sides New England and Chivas USA were eliminated on their home turf.

Chivas USA gave a game effort which is much much more than can be said for New England. But the bottom line is this. MLS is nowhere near as competitive or attractive a league as its proponents claim. This tournament was supposed to be different because unlike the CONCACAF Champions Cup, this event was being started right in the heart of the MLS season. But what we’ve discovered is that MLS lacks the depth not only on its squads, but among its squads to seriously compete in these sorts of events. For all those who state that MLS is the most competitive league in the world, the reality is that the same teams usually win the title and the same teams usually compete well when representing the league in CONCACAF competitions. So how good is MLS in reality? Not very good by any objective international standard. I firmly believe that MLS which constantly compares itself to the FMF isn’t even the second or maybe third best league within CONCACAF. But it is our league as is USL and we must embrace both to grow the game in the United States.

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A lifelong lover of soccer, the beautiful game, he served from January 2010 until May 2013 as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for the North American Soccer League (NASL). Raised on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the old NASL, Krishnaiyer previously hosted the American Soccer Show on the Champions Soccer Radio Network, the Major League Soccer Talk podcast and the EPL Talk Podcast. His soccer writing has been featured by several media outlets including The Guardian and The Telegraph. He is the author of the book Blue With Envy about Manchester City FC.
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9 Responses to Impact Advance: MLS Falters

  1. kevquinnc says:

    pitiful. just absolutely pitiful.

  2. Lisa W says:

    I watched the New England game last night and I must say it was a pitiful performance. They didn’t even look like they belonged on the same pitch with Joe Public. Gregory Richardson ran or should I say played circles around the Revs it was embarrassing. You know that the MLS is going to come out with some lame excuse about all the other competitions or U.S. world cup qualifications the the MLS teams are involved in or injuries but I don’t buy it. If they want to be taken seriously as a league in general or specific teams (hello LA Galaxy) they must win these competitions, and right now they can’t even compete.

    Congrats and good luck to Montreal. Let’s hope the Islanders(hope I got the name right) join them tonight.

  3. Berlin says:

    “MLS lacks the depth not only on its squads, but among its squads to seriously compete in these sorts of events…But it is our league as is USL and we must embrace both to grow the game in the United States.”

    That about sums it up. The salary cap and relative popularity of the game mean we can yet compete at an international level and should stop fooling ourselves. We need to keep working at it not expect the rest of the world to just bow down and acknowledge us. Gotta earn it.

  4. elopingcamel says:

    I feel like we WOULD be able to better compete in these types of tournaments if we would just be patient and stick to the original game plan of developing American talent. The focus of MLS has shifted too early, and it will make the league look even more foolish as we see this type of outcome more and more often.

  5. IZZY says:

    Kartik, you dissapoint me. You’ve said all the right things about MLS for months now including too many foreign players, bad managment, the league’s arrogance, the excuses, etc and have been beyond vindicated. You’ve also built up USL’s stature and been one of only a handful of journalists on the internet to cover the league. However, now you give a lame explantation that we should “support the league.”

    Exactly what should we support?

    You used to be against that

    You used to be against that

    You used to be against that

    You used to be again that

    My point: How exactly does the “support MLS” statement reconcile with reality or your past positions which have rightfully called the league to the carpet?

  6. Cronin says:

    The results were disgusting and deserve no rationalization. Chivas played so so, but not well enough to erase a two goal defecit. New England showed exactly why MLS is considered a laughing stock outside the US.

  7. Larry says:

    Did you know prior to last week MLS had seven wins one loss and two draws against teams from the Caribbean?

    Now a week later we have two losses to add to the record.

    Did you know an MLS team had never lost to a Panamanian team?

    scratch that also.

    The Don says the standard is improving and everything is so great with the league. People even outdue to Don on other sites comparing MLS to top leagues in Europe and saying we are better than the FMF.

    What we’ve learned is that MLS is worse than ever and chances are the same team, Houston will win the title this year. Now we see what happens if teams other than the reliable suspects., San Jose/Houston, DC United or LA Galaxy are in CONCACAF competitions. They bomb!

    So this league is not only bad……………it’s not as competitive as everyone likes to claim!

  8. JXY says:

    The impact are impressive as a team.

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