11 thoughts on “Fulham Unveils New 08/09 Home Shirt”

  1. Not much of a change really. Not sure why a fan would shell out for this if they have last season’s kit. And had they really wanted to highlight the collar, they should have made it read Fulham FC with a small version of the logo there as well.

  2. gaffer, ive got a question that maybe you or anyone else can adress. i just got a new arsenal kit and i was wondering how the numbering on the back felt. i know that they used to have a velvet like feel but the numbering i got today have a rather rubber like smooth feeling, the same feeling that the sponsor lettering always had. is this the official numbering or are the authentic kits still using the velvet like numbering. i need to decide whether to keep my kit or return it because id like to get the most authentic one i can. thanks.

  3. well i got my kit from uksoccershop. maybe i made a mistake getting it from them. maybe they gave me a fake shirt, although they claim that their numbering is offiicial to make it as authentic as possible. but im just not sure. ive done some research and it turns out that subside still uses lextra numbering while the premier league actually uses sportingid numbering. ive found some pictures that might show that is indeed rubber and others that show it might be velvet so im not sure.



  4. I have 10-12 Premier League kits, bought from various sources (liverpoolfc.tv, Subside Sports), and the lettering and badges have always been felt. I have seen the rubber/plastic lettering, but I always assumed it was fake.

  5. REPLICA name and numbering, as sold in most legitimate outlets, including club shops and Web sites (see store.manutd.com) will actually be the plastic style.

    Only select outlets will use the Lextra. It doesn’t make the kit fake to have the plastic, it just means that particular store sells a lot of kits.

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