Top 10 Most Visited Soccer Websites By U.S. Visitors

top-of-the-pops.jpgThere are some movers and shakers in the list of the top 10 most visited soccer websites by visitors from the United States, according to Hitwise for the week ending May 17th. Compared to the week ending April 26th, ESPN Soccernet is still number one, but with slightly less overall market share. has jumped from number four to number two, leapfrogging Fox Sports Soccer and who both dropped back.

Dropping off the list is, which has been replaced by the more popular

Here’s the complete top 10 as of the week ending May 17, 2008:

  1. ESPN Soccernet, 14.46% market share
  2., 8.51%
  3. Foxsports Soccer, 6.57%
  4., 6.02%
  5., 3.94%
  6. Manchester United, 3.63%
  7. Yahoo! Sports World Soccer, 3.29%
  8. Major League Soccer, 3.26%
  9. Big Soccer, 2.39%
  10., 2.37%

Anticipating one question that readers may have based on the comments from an earlier post, The Offside isn’t listed in the top 10. In fact, it’s not listed in the top 150 (EPL Talk is number 142).

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Visited Soccer Websites By U.S. Visitors”

  1. I’m telling you people, ESPN knows how to “do” soccer. And no I’m not talking about the American commentators who do Thursday night MLS games (and, btw, Eric “Whine”-alda does not commentate anymore [atleast to my knowledge], which is a good thing!), I’m talking about the filming of the games, the replay selection, the coverage of related information during UEFA games, as well as the tons of info on their website.

  2. Wigan?? Can somone tell me how Wigan is in the top ten of English sites visited from the US…its freaking Wigan.

  3. Honestly, who cares about the MLS anyway? I shouldn’t say that, the San Jose and Houston game last Thursday was pretty entertaining.

  4. If you don’t care about MLS that’s fine, but if and when the league folds don’t complain about the lack of soccer coverage in the US and needing to go to pubs to watch your beloved Man U, because you would have helped to have caused the problem. Also if you don’t care about the league you don’t have to go out of your way to say “who cares about MLS anyway.” It seems people around the world who are envious of Americans and American culture (including Americans themselves who seem to claim they would rather live in france or wherever in Europe) always need to make these snide cute remarks. If you don’t care about MLS, why even mention it?

  5. “If you don’t care about MLS, why even mention it?”

    Why not?

    ManU is definitely NOT beloved by myself; I’m a Chelsea fan. I made the cute remark because I think the league lacks excitement and that some times it has more flash than substance (see: nice stadiums/uniforms but too much cutesy wootsy passing and little to no attacking).

    When the MLS finally folds it will not be my fault. If the MLS wants more support, then they should raise the stakes for performing better. What do the top teams in the MLS get by placing top of the league or winning the Championship? Do they go anywhere? Do they get into a league or international competition (CONCACAF Champions League)? I say the cause for the demise of the MLS will be the lack of motivated players on the field.

  6. Obviously you fon’t pay attention to MLS.

    Yes the teams that win the league both the regular season and the post season go to the CONCACAF Champions League. How do you raise the stakes beyond that? Join UEFA? I’m sorry we can’t simply pick up the US and move it Europe as so many of our fans think we should do. We have different issues and culture in states and the game CANNOT resemble that of Europe or the UK 100%.

    Too much cutsey woosy passing……….yes, but it is a LATIN STYLED LEAGUE. WE ARE IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE WITH A LARGE LATINO POPULATION AND HUGE BASE OF LATIN PLAYERS. The Latin game is slower, more artistic and in some ways less exciting than the British game. But your comments imply in order for MLS to succeed it must imitate what you are comfortable with and that is plain wrong. Broaden your horizons and appreciate MLS and the United State of America for what it is: a melting pot, a fusion if you will of different cultures including Latino and Southern European ones.

    I’m glad you like the uniforms because I don’t like the generic kits Addidas produces these days in MLS. That gives me an idea for a blog post……..thanks !

  7. I love the EPL as much as the next American soccer fan, but, MLS style is going in the right direction. We’re importing more people from our own hemisphere, and the league is adapting to a Latin American style.

    While most kids grow up learning the northern European system, I’m just hoping our youth coaches make the transition. Too many robots out of bradenton, fl.

    Our top league’s quality has gotten better the last 3 years. Sure, we have a way to go, but, I don’t mind watching the league being built.

    I already watched my first local team vanish during contraction, so now that I live in the DC area, I make a point to support the team and the league. I can watch EPL on TV all I want, but, my cash is going to support our league.

  8. “I made the cute remark because I think the league lacks excitement and that some times it has more flash than substance”

    A Chelsea fan complaining about matches lacking excitement? You’re the only team on the planet that spends half a billion dollars to grind out 1-0 results!

    Complaining about “lacking excitement” and “too much flair” in the same sentence? I think I need a new dictionary!

    I’ve seen a lot of dogs played on either side of the Atlantic. Similarly, I’ve seen a lot of exciting matches on both continents. The level of play in MLS isn’t European standard for the most part, but lots of scoring and attacking play this week. If anything, I think MLS has got it right this year – teams are putting their money into attacking players, which leaves little remaining to deal with the back end. As a result, a lot of attacking play, and flair players (which, I should point out, I’m in favour of.) are allowed to PLAY. Guys like Beckham and TFC’s Laurent Robert / Amado Guevera are allowed to get touches and make a difference in the game. Even a blind fan can see their impact and will be willing to go back to watch more.

  9. Girls, girls, girls,

    Stop your bickering. Can’t we just all get along?

    Italian football is too defensive, spanish league players fall over to easily, the English game is very direct and fast paced, the Scottish game is……..crap and the American game is just a puppy in a country that has at least 5 major sports in front of it. There are good and bad points to everything. The American game will go through a lot of changes before they get it right, but let’s face it, it’s going to take a miracle to market a game that is widely considered by the population to be a teenaged gilrs game by the majority.

    You couold all say what do you know now due to the fact that I’m a 25 year suffering Spurs fan.

    The great thing is that football unites and creates a common interest where often religion and politics fall down. We wouldn’t even have taken the time to write this if it weren’t for the beautiful game.

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