Top 10 Most Visited English Soccer Club Websites By U.S. Visitors

Man United web siteManchester United is not just European champions as well as Premier League title holders. The team’s web site is also the number one most visited English football club by visitors from the United States. Here’s the top 10 list for the week ending May 17, 2008 (source: Hitwise).

  1. Manchester United
  2. Arsenal
  3. Chelsea
  4. Liverpool
  5. Leeds United
  6. West Ham United
  7. Newcastle United
  8. Manchester City
  9. Fulham
  10. Wigan Athletic

There are quite a few observations that can be made. First, the number one most visited website in the UK is Liverpool’s web site. However, it’s only number four in the U.S. Second, it’s surprising that Tottenham Hotspur’s web site isn’t in the top ten and that Wigan’s web site gets even more traffic than theirs from U.S. visitors. Third, Leeds United shows yet again how much of a massive fan base they have around the world (and, in this case, in the USA). Fourth, it’s nice to see West Ham’s web site so high in the top 10.

Despite Chelsea marketing itself to Americans in recent years, the west London club is only in third place. Arsenal, who hasn’t landed on U.S. shores in years, sit comfortably in second place.

What are some interesting observations that you can make based on the above chart? Click the comments link and let us know.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Visited English Soccer Club Websites By U.S. Visitors”

  1. The top nine don’t surprise me a bit. I think Leeds was probably 3rd before the recent fall from grace.
    But 10th, Wigan? Whoa, didn’t expect that one!

  2. we love you arsenal we do
    we love you arsenal we do
    we love you arsenal we do
    aaarsenal we love you.

    i despise manUre and chelsea so its good arsenal are ahead of them and yet its bad that they are just below manUre.
    anyway it was hard watching the champions league final. i despise both teams so much. i was hoping for a natural disaster to knock out all of the lighting and bringing about ashley cole’s death. i heard there was actually an assasin on the roof of the stadium wearing an arsenal shirt, unfortunately it was alex hleb so he didnt shoot.

  3. if you want to know which team is visited most o f the time in our surrounding,Ethiopia no question it is Arsenal having a lot of funs.

  4. i think to day is the first day fo man.united defeated by Liverpool it is so shame not for players but for ser alex is really really shame.

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