Interview with Jim White from The Daily Telegraph

jim-white.jpgEpisode 103 of the EPL Talk Podcast features an exclusive interview with Jim White from The Daily Telegraph. Plus, I include my thoughts on the just concluded match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

If you’re new to the EPL Talk Podcast, it’s the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. Each week, we interview a different celebrity about our favorite sport and get an inside perspective into what it’s like as a journalist, footballer, author or TV presenter.


2 thoughts on “Interview with Jim White from The Daily Telegraph”

  1. I did what you asked and put up a review on the iTunes site. Now I have a request. Could your audio engineer please fix the levels on your mike? The caller sounds better than the host! There’s too much high end, trebly hiss. I have to continually turn down the volume on my iPod when you talk because it is piercing. Maybe you need a wind screen on the mike as well. Just trying to help. Cheers!

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