EPL Talk Podcast Returns: More Interviews On The Way

epl-talk-logo-163x101.jpgThe EPL Talk Podcast, the only football interview show on the Internet, is set to return to the airwaves next week. It’s been over a month since the last episode, and it feels good to be back.

Many of you may know that I took a break for a while due to health reasons (after being in hospital for six weeks). Plus after returning home, I felt like taking a hiatus from doing interviews in order to get back to full health and recharge my batteries.

I’ve already got three interviews lined up for the coming weeks. To learn who the surprise guests are and to post your questions ahead of time so I can ask them on-air, visit the EPL Talk Community forums. Plus if you have ideas of other personalities you’d like to see interviewed, feel free to post them on the Community or via the comments section here.

The plan for the EPL Talk Podcast is to continue recording intelligent interviews with some of the big names in football, as well as the lesser known names who have remarkable stories to tell.

If you’re not familiar with the EPL Talk Podcast, each week we interview a different celebrity from inside the game of football. Past guests have included Steve McClaren, Guillem Balague, Gerard Houllier, Tommy Smyth, Alan Mullery, Simon Inglis and many others. Your best bet to get a flavor for the podcast is to listen to the Best Of Episode produced by Chris Oakley from the Some People Are On The Pitch blog.

The EPL Talk Podcast is two years old this month. All 101 episodes are available via archives on the podcast site and via iTunes.

If you’re a constant reader of this EPL Talk site and you haven’t listened to the EPL Talk Podcast yet, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and begin listening to the podcast episodes. Most of them stand the test of time and are still relevant.

Even though the EPL Talk Podcast has been dormant for over a month, it’s still the third top soccer podcast in the United States according to iTunes (in the Sports/Professional category, where it’s ranked number 56 among all sports). Number two is the U.S. Soccer podcast and number one is World Soccer Daily.


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