Latest Standings for EPL Fantasy Leagues

fantasy-league.jpgWith only eight matches left in the season, for most teams, the race for the Premier League title is coming to its most exciting end. That also includes the fantasy leagues such as the official Barclays Fantasy Premier League and I Know The Score. In both competitions, EPL Talk is featured.

Here are the latest standings. Please remember that prizes will be made available to the person who finishes first (in either league):

EPL Talk I Know The Score League Table (top five):

1. Garyi, 2310 points
2. Tokyo Toffeeman, 1950
3. BC Wildcat John, 1900
4. Rockfish DG, 1865
5. iSage, 1820

Out of the 1379 leagues in play, the EPL Talk league is ranked number 188. There are currently 40 players competing in the EPL Talk league.

EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League Table (top ten):

1. Louisville United, Daniel L., 1744 points
2. North of Gary, 1730
3., 1729
4. Witton Lane FC, 1714
5. 17 Times, 1703
6. Commandos, 1701
7. The Sex Tornados, 1700
8. Riverdale FC, 1699
9. Dallan China’s Best, 1699
10. Kings FC, 1696

Out of the 112,314 leagues in play, the EPL Talk league is ranked number 33. As best as I can tell, the EPL Talk private league is currently the highest ranked American team in the world rankings. The EPL Talk private league team has 434 managers.

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