Worst players of the season?

Norman Hubbard of ESPN Soccernet has written an interesting article on who he thinks have been the worst players of the season so far. Personally, most of the article is spot on but there are a few choices that I don’t agree with.

Liverpool – Peter Crouch.
Has Hubbard not seen Sissoko play this season? I’d easily nominate him ahead of Crouch for worst player. Hubbard also cites Crouch for a poor performance against Marseille but fails to mention that Crouch has scored 4 goals in 6 CL appearances this season.

Manchester City – Darius Vassell. Vassell is probably the last of the Man City forwards that I would nominate though certainly the whole crew deserve a nomination. Vassell has been stuck out wide as a right winger and you can hardly fault him for that. He’s simply going out there and working as hard as he can in the role he’s been given.  A better choice may have been either Samaras or Bianchi who are usually quite anonymous and don’t appear to be working too hard when given an opportunity.

Aston Villa – Curtis Davies. I concur that Davies has not had an impact on the club as of yet but he has been solid in Villa’s recent matches.  To say that Zat Knight has made  a rather quicker impact is not telling the whole story. I think the rest of the defensive unit around Knight has helped him tremendously but that has not prevent him from looking poor at times (particularly against Manchester United and Chelsea).  I would have nominated Stillian Petrov who has only shown brief flashes of what he is capable of doing.

Who would you nominate and why?

4 thoughts on “Worst players of the season?”

  1. Hubbard choose Michael Carrick as the worst player for Manchester United and in my option how can you not choose Louis Saha… let me explain.

    Saha is the perfect forward for what United need up top to support Rooney or Tevez (or…that is right). How perfect would United be if they had a forward that could win a ball in the air and also hold the ball up while the attack builds. Don’t get me wrong Tevez and Rooney is working well (really well most of the time), but can you beleive what they would be like if they had a fit Saha and a Rooney or Tevez sub for him in the 60th min. One word…. Unstoppable

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