Interview with Chuck Culpepper

Chuck Culpepper, the author of a new book entitled “Up Pompey,” is interviewed on this week’s episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

The American author, who has been twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize award, discusses his experiences following Portsmouth and what it is about Premier League soccer that so interests him and fellow Americans.

Whether you’re a Pompey fan or not, the interview is highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Chuck Culpepper”

  1. The book is very good, especially as it mirrors my situation of being a Prem-crazy Yank who has nobody to talk to about the Beautiful Game. But I feel like throwing the book across the room every time Culpepper goes to the whip, chastising America for guzzling gas, looking down on other countries, and being ignorant of European life. It’s like he’s embarrassed to be American, and it’s been a long 8 years of people apologizing for that, so I definitely don’t need this sentiment in a book I’m reading for the fun of it. When he repudiates Americans for branding English soccer fans for being “truculent pugilists,” he manages a few pokes at his better-than-you countrymen, and it’s not necessary to push the story forward. Does he really believe that English fans have been angels for 20 years just because there hasn’t been a stadium disaster? And what of the UEFA Cup riots only last year in Manchester? He acts like we Americans are fabricating this stuff, and it’s hard to go along for the ride of the story when he’s so disdainful of the country that allows him to make a good living and watch great sports for free all the time. He’s welcome to his opinion, but MY opinion is that his book would have been a much better road had he resisted the urge to try and let his readers know that he’s “one of the good ones.”

  2. enraptured with Bloody Confused as a 3 year football fan and a fan of all things british….brilliant , funny and endearing…………….however …….inaccuracies throw me off the page of any book…………….the americans did not invent the television……… the television was invented by a scot living in london…

  3. Today, March 14, 2010, appears Mr. Culpepper’s essay on the 10 weeks of Landon Donovan with the Everton F.C…
    This story captures the whole package: a great view of the British demeanor, Landon’s comments, what happened in his too short stay, right down to the length of the line of fans waiting for Landon’s autograph.

    I hereby nominate this for a Pulitzer…. What writing!!!

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