Hear the new English Premier League Theme Song

The English Premier League will unveil a new anthem starting with the 2007/2008 season with a theme song entitled “My Saturday Self” by musician Peter Lawlor, and you can hear a shortened version of the song here first courtesy of a tip-off by reader David Carroll.The song definitely sounds like The Who and was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. The track will be played prior to each English Premier League match as well as on the English Premier League Preview and Review TV shows.

Joining Peter Lawlor on the track were Levine Andrade (strings), Johnathan Noyce (bass), Smiley Barnard (drums), Pete Murray (piano) and Daryl Griffiths (conductor).

Lawlor’s company, Water Music, specializes in creating music for advertising. His portfolio includes work for BBC1 and Levis.

12 thoughts on “Hear the new English Premier League Theme Song”

  1. Ugh – hope they do a remix or something because that’s just awful. I’m going to miss the old tune on the highlights/preview shows.

  2. I wasn’t a huge fan of the old theme but it grew on me over time. This seems like a step backward. I wish they would have gone for something more energetic and uptempo. This song reminds me of the dour 0-0 Wigan-Fulham match from March where everyone was content to stroll along and have a la-di-da olde tyme of punting it long.

    My own humble suggestion:


    The track Sucker by these fine young lads would have done quite nicely ! :)

  3. This new theme is so terrible what was wrong with the old anthem. If it aint broken dont fix it I say. This is an awful decision from the premier league and I hope all the fans will make complaints and bring the old one back I was just so angry listiening to this crap all day while watching the football.

  4. You idiots!! Why the f**k would anyone like to replace the other theme song??!! It really got me fired up before games! The new one is just BOOOOORING!!

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