MySpace Pages of Famous Soccer Celebrities

In another sign that the Internet is making the world a smaller place, take a look at some of the following MySpace pages from famous soccer celebrities such as players, commentators and presenters: John MotsonPeter BrackleyPeter DruryAndy GrayGarth CrooksEfan EkokuMomo SissokoDan O’HaganGeorgie BinghamHayley McQueenKatie ChapmanAlan BrazilJeff StellingRobbie EarleIan WrightCarlton PalmerDes WalkerLes FerdinandRon AtkinsonChris KamaraSven Goran ErikssonAlan HansenAlly McCoistSteve ClaridgeJim RosenthalKatie ChapmanCarlos TevezWhat soccer celebrities that have MySpace pages are missing from the above list? Click the ‘comments’ link below and tell us.In the meantime, feel free to check out the EPL Talk MySpace page at

3 thoughts on “MySpace Pages of Famous Soccer Celebrities”

  1. Surprisingly, almost all of them are real. The only one I’m not sure about is Andy Gray’s, but it may be a real one, but it looks like someone has hacked it and changed some of the content around.

    The Gaffer

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