Oliver Tse Discusses The Future of SoccerTV.com

The latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast has just been published and features an interview with Oliver Tse, the creator of the popular web site, SoccerTV.com

During the interview, Tse makes a major announcement regarding the future of SoccerTV.com

Listen to episode 61 right now to hear Tse discuss that. Plus discover Tse’s insight into the state of soccer on US television on topics such as:

  • the average TV ratings for a Premiership match in America,
  • which soccer league shown in the U.S. has higher TV ratings than the NHL,
  • what impact the increasing number of Hispanics is having on soccer on U.S. TV,
  • why soccer is having a tough time becoming more popular in the States,
  • whether ESPN would be interested in broadcasting Premiership matches in the future,
  • the future of soccer on broadband,
  • when we may expect to see Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta on HDTV,
  • and much much more.

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