EPL Talk Visits White Hart Lane, Emirates & Arsenal Museum

The latest EPL Talk Podcast episode (number 39) was published yesterday. You’ll hear about my journey to Tottenham’s White Hart Lane and what I encountered there. Plus I take the Emirates Stadium Tour and visit the Arsenal Museum. How does it compare to other stadium tours?

And lastly I have featured an interesting interview with a Leeds United fan named Kevin Jones who discusses what it was like watching football matches in the late 70s and early 80s and how that compares to going to Premiership matches these days.

You can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast episode at http://epltalk.libsyn.com

2 thoughts on “EPL Talk Visits White Hart Lane, Emirates & Arsenal Museum”

  1. Kevin Jones was the best interviewee you’ve had on so far, get him to contribute more to the blog, podcast & chat! Ask him if he remembers a game in the late 70s at Elland Rd versus Everton – the maverick Duncan McKenzie (later to become a hero at Goodison) starring in a 5-2 home win, Keith Macklin commentating as the match was also featured next day on Yorkshire TV. Petrified I was as an away fan going up to Leeds at the time…

  2. I followed up with Mr Jones and asked him about that match. Unfortunately he wasn’t there, but he remembered Duncan McKenzie and recounted to me how McKenzie used to jump over minis in the Leeds United car park.

    I’ll see if I can get Mr Jones to appear on future episodes. Glad you liked it.

    The Gaffer

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