Photos: Arsenal Triumph Over Hamburg at Emirates

Arsenal triumphed brilliantly tonight against a very difficult Hamburg team who were buoyed by their vocal fans. Luckily, EPL Talk was there to capture the sights and sounds (tickets courtesy of

Here are the exclusive images from the Emirates Stadium: Slideshow | Individual images (with comments).

And here are the images from the meet-up with Slideshow | Individual images (with comments).

Earlier today, EPL Talk also visited Charlton’s The Valley and Woolwich Arsenal’s old ground, Invicta Ground (or what remains of it today). More details about that on the podcast, but feel free to enjoy the photographs:

Charlton’s The Valley: Slideshow | Individual images (with comments)
Woolwich Arsenal’s old ground: Slideshow | Individual images (with comments)

In the meantime, if you want to browse all of the images from the EPL Talk collection — many of which are not included in the above links — please go here.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Arsenal Triumph Over Hamburg at Emirates”

  1. Fantastic post and great pictures. I’m jealous.

    I really like seeing personal accounts and pictures of the matches. Just seeing the games on TV doesn’t really give you the whole experience.

  2. Brilliant photos!!!

    I can only imagine what the atmosphere would be like being around the grounds and stadiums especially the Emirates Stadium during a CL match.
    It’s one of my goals to go see at match at the Emirates and watch the Gunners. It’ll happen one day.

  3. Yeah the atmosphere must have been amazing and even more so since the Gunners came from behind to win.

    Thanks for the photos Gaffer.

  4. Talking of moving from old stadia, will you manage to get down to see the magnificent ‘Liberty Stadium’ (permanent name officially decided yet?), replacement for the Vetch where you had those great early impressions of football, Gaffer?

  5. Nah, no trip to Swansea’s Liberty Stadium. They play on Sunday morning against Bristol City, but I’ll be in Manchester at the United v Chelsea match.

    The Gaffer

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