Free Premiership Email Newsletter Now Available

ffs epl talk 600x337 Free Premiership Email Newsletter Now Available

The second issue of the EPL Talk Email Newsletter was sent this morning to subscribers. If you didn’t receive a copy, be sure you subscribe today. If you’ve registered for other EPL Talk e-mails in the past, just enter your e-mail address to bring up your interest categories, and you can then select the weekly e-newsletter.

To see what you’re missing, here’s what we had in this morning’s e-newsletter:

  • Schedule for all of the Prem matches during the next 7 days on FSC & Setanta,
  • Surprising information about ticket sales for this weekend’s EPL matches,
  • Web site of the week: The politics and business of football,
  • The winner of the EPL Talk T-shirt is announced, and we give you another opportunity to win your own shirt,
  • Links to the latest articles about Premiership TV coverage in the US,
  • ‘Did you know’ segment on the Premier League stadium that was built in 1892 and is still in use, that has a church just a few yards from the pitch, and once was the venue for an exhibition match between the White Sox and Giants baseball teams,
  • Plus more.

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