Arsenal Predicted to Win 2006/2007 Premier League


Premiership Countdown: 2 Days to Go.

When the 2006/2007 Premiership season kicks off on Saturday morning, it’ll be the first ball kicked since the previous season ended just 104 days earlier.

After weighing up the teams pros and cons, and the other different influencing factors, here’s my prediction of how the 2006/2007 table will finish.

1. Arsenal
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Tottenham Hotspur
5. Manchester United
6. Newcastle United
7. Blackburn Rovers
8. Wigan Athletic
9. Bolton Wanderers
10. Everton
11. Aston Villa
12. West Ham United
13. Watford
14. Manchester City
15. Reading
16. Portsmouth
17. Middlesbrough
18. Fulham
19. Sheffield United
20. Charlton Athletic

Yes, gasp, I’m predicting that Chelsea will be unable to pick up a third title in the row. Despite the signings of world-class players such as Ballack and Shevchenko, Chelsea has problems which began to surface near the end of last season, and which will plague the team this season too. I’m not writing Chelsea off. I just believe that their two big signings will be more focused on winning the Champions League than the Prem.

My Arsenal prediction will surprise many of you. I feel the new stadium will have a major impact. Plus, many of the Arsenal stars will be buoyed by their World Cup performances (Lehmann, Fabregas, Eboue, Rosicky, Henry, Adebayor, etc). The way Arsenal ended the season, by scraping past Spurs and getting into the Champions League Final will give them a huge confidence boost. The key for the Gunners will be to keep their defence intact.

I may get some hate mail over my Man United prediction. However, I’m convinced that this will be a troublesome season for Sir Alex Ferguson. His signing of Carrick was not the answer the team was looking for. Allowing van Nistelrooy to leave was a mistake. The midfield is still aging, and Rooney is too much of a liability (although he will definitely bag an impressive number of goals). I fear the team is starting to unravel.

With that said, let everyone know what your Premiership predictions are. Just go ahead and click the ‘Comments’ link below and tell us your top 20!

30 thoughts on “Arsenal Predicted to Win 2006/2007 Premier League”

  1. Even as an Arsenal fan, I don’t think we stand a chance of winning the title this season.

    1. Chelsea 2. Liverpool 3. Man Utd 4. Arsenal

    I do think we will win the Champions League this season though.

  2. i’m an arsenal fan too – don’t think we’ve a hope in hell. However i don’t think man u do either. I reckon it’s chelsea vs livers. UNLESS arsenal sign at least two proven players (CB and Holding MF) before deadline day.

  3. I’m a Chelsea fan, and agree that we have some problems. Hopefully JM and JT can sort them, otherwise We’ll be in trouble – also, Man U i reckon will be out of the top 4, and Arsenal/Chelsea will be battling for top

  4. There was an interesting article on the BBC web site today. A rational
    supporter of each premier league club wrote up his teams prospects and
    made predictions for the coming season. Liverpool were predicted in
    1st place by 7 contributers, Man Utd got 1 vote, Arsenal surprisingly
    got 0 votes. Chelsea got 12.

  5. Actually this is the first site that is giving Arsenal a chance to win the league. An I agree with the assesement. Arsenal Lost the title last year because they took so much time to recover from the loss of Viera (which was the heart of the team).

    The champions league run from last year saw the emegence of Frabregas and he is progressing each and everytime I see him play. This year, there are some many youngs players are are folling the path of Fabregas and That will get Arsenal to the top.

  6. interesting picks…but write manchester united off with caution. they will be top of the leauge by the halfway mark for sure…then the real race begins. just look at the schedule. besides, the transfer window hasnt closed just yet. this is the team that took chelsea to the last few games and like liverpool had a strong run at the end of the season.

  7. Why is everybody focused on the stars? Rooney? Lampard? Shevschenko? Gerrard? Arsenal can create the stars and that shows how strong is that club and how clever is the board, the staff and Arsène Wenger. They brought Henry from Juventus when he wasn’t well used. They helped Fabregas, Eboué, Touré, Senderos, Djourou, Hleb,Reyes, Van Persie and many others reserve players (who are on loan) to develop and to become well-known names in Europe and in the world.
    That is a real football team with a consistent fundation whereas Chelsea just use financial power to buy stars who will get the Real MAdrid Syndrom! I’m convinced that this year is Arsenal’s one.

  8. I’m Arsenal fan, but with our poor defense we will lose to many points in winter games. Champions? It is my dream, but I don’t believe it will happen…

    1. Chelsea (last time)
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal

    4. Tottenham
    5. Manchester U
    6. Bolton
    7. Newcastle
    8. West Ham
    9. Blackburn
    10. Manchester City
    11. Wigan
    12. Everton
    13. Aston Villa
    14. Reading
    15. Middlesbrough
    16. Fulham
    17. Charlton
    18. Portsmouth
    19. Watford
    20. Sheffield

    But this will be Cesc’s and RvP’s year :)

  9. I’m an Arsenal fan…but winning the league this year,w/ our current crop of players, is nothing more than a pipe dream.
    A more realistic target should be champs league qualification..which we achieved only by the s kin of our teeth last year.

    We need a recognized DM and a 1st class centre be even in contention for automatic CL qualification.we finished 15points or so away fm this remember

    You must remember that the squad wins leagues…not just 1st teams. Our 1st team wd do ok…but a couple of injuries and we go to pieces….bringing on the Cygans of this world.

    Liverpool have strengthened their attack enormously and will push Chelsea all the way..w/ Kuyt and Bellamy. Spurs have strenghtened and Manure..are planning a couple of big swoops. Wenger, as usual, has done nothing. We should get rid of Reyes..the guy is a lemon.

    Wenger wants to cover himself in glory by consistently un-earthing gems. Thats fine..but this is at the expense of Arsenal glory from winning titles. Unless this policy changes…I forsee a long drought.


  10. I understand that as a Manu fan we must face the “I hate Manu philosophy which is slowly becoming the I hate chelsea but Arsenal to win the league….
    1. they are way too youn
    2. the players are wanting away
    (Vierra, Campbell, Reyes)
    3. Arsenal back in was shakey to begin with last year…
    4. Their away form was horrible even down the stretch …and isnt arsenal actual still away.. This isnt Highbury they are playing at.
    This is a new staduim with new deminsions…..
    That being said
    I dont think Manu can win it but
    United was strong at the end of last year making a strong run…
    and pressuring Chelsea at the end
    and that was without Heinz & Scholes. and Rudd on the bench.

    remeber Saha was the leading scorer in the EPL before coming over. Ole gunner has a deadly one goal in every 2 matches strike rate. Carrick can only help.

    I think it will be very tight race and I see this way
    1. Chelsea (barely)
    2. Manu
    3. Liverpool
    4. Arseanl
    5. Totenham

    But the best part is it all up for grabs when the first ball is kicked, injuries, luck and all sorts of things will make a difference……
    so bring on the beer and lets get ready to go

    PS where is the Chat link so we can ride each other during the games

  11. As an Arsenal fan I think it all hinges on injuries. If we stay clear of them then the team will continue to develop and maybe 2nd to Chelsea this year is a possibility. If we get injuries – especially at the back – then we are in trouble and can forget the top 4. Tottenham finished almost level with us last year and have strengthened. We have brought one in but lost DB, RP, SC, plus AC and JR in the pipeline. That’s serious weakening of the squad by anyone’s reckonong.

    As for the prospect of Liverpool winning the league, forget it. They are a one dimensional side. Kuyt looked like a donkey to me in the World Cup – no pace. With the exception of Alonso and Gerrard where are their class players? Bellamy and Pennant will be disruptive and Hyppia is past it.

    The Mancs will buy their way back into contention before 31/8 deadline, but at present they will struggle up front. Saha will not perform like he did at end of last season without someone pushing hime for his place.

  12. Here is Thought

    we all are haveing fun voicing our ideas and opinions but it is sure going to be nice to laugh at the gaffer next May on his Arseanl predictions……. either anonymous blogs a lot or he has got a lot of relatives… How about lets all sign in with a name……unless you are hiding in cyber space
    and how can i buy you a beer when im out your way travelin to other pubs

    Manu Fan ( except how can they pick budweiser as the official beer…..) and proud of it

    The Gratefullawyer

  13. Great thoughts! The gunners year this year, Cesc is player of the year, hleb will be a major surprise, and as the youth develop and mature there away record can do nothin but get better.

    I do share the pins and needles of the back line, but its relatively the same cast that shut it down in the CL. But I would love to see gallas ruling the roost back there! But if not, heres to a boat load of 4-2, 3-2 wins!!

  14. Oh piss off, listen: It was OK when Manure was winning the title non-stop….. It was OK when Arsenal was winning the title non-stop…… now Chelsea wins it twice in a row and everyone says it is unfair, well screw you! Maybe someone other than the aforementioned winning the prem. “Wrecks the EPL” but the conservative Brits gotta get out of the 18th century and move along, things happen, and that’s why the Blues are taking it this year, the Triple Crown they will….. And than we’ll see who claims we’re no good.

  15. I don’t understand why so many are rating Reading so highly. What have they done to strengthen the squad? They’ve only added Seol and Sodje. Seol has potential to be a good player in the Premiership, but Sodje is still very unproven. This is not enough — remember that domination of the Championship doesn’t mean Premiership success; just look at Sunderland last season.

  16. 1. Liverpool
    2. Chelsea
    3. Spurs
    4. Manchester Utd
    5. Arsenal
    6. West Ham
    7. Blackburn
    8. Newcastle
    9. Aston Villa
    10. Bolton
    11. Portsmouth
    12. Manchester City
    13. Everton
    14. Wigan
    15. Middlesbrough
    16. Sheffield Utd
    17. Fulham
    18. Charlton
    19. Reading
    20. Watford

  17. just remember that dennis bergkamp didnt play last year, ashley cunt didnt play.
    rob pires is a great loss but rosicky can do his job.
    sol campbell was a liability, our defense is stronger than last year already with djourou instead of campbelly, then when clichy and lauren come back…only centre mid is the problem i think. need backup for gilberto.
    overall the team is stronger and much more experienced this year than last, especially after the world cup experience.
    not sure if we can win it but we can get second at least i feel

  18. I’m an Arsenal fan (whoopieee !!!) This new Arsenal team is young, eager and more experienced than the last. Henry will prove a better Captain than last season. No doubt I would root for them to win the title. My heart says (1) Arsenal (2) Chelsea (3) Liverpool (4) Man Utd (5) Spurs. My head says (1) Chelsea (2) Liverpool (3) Arsenal (4) Spurs (5) Manu Utd. But for next season, my heart and head says Arsenal. I believe this season is still transition year for the youngsters. If AW brings in an established Central Defender and a holding midfielder, Arsenal will be much stronger to win it this year. I’m biased, sorry to non Arsenal fans.

  19. I’ve got Harchester United to go down. Thier manager just bet half a million pounds for them to relegate from the Premiership…Fletch and Bandele are still good, with Curtis Alexander and the French guy as new acquisitions, but no more Linda Blcok to run the show…hmmm…
    I love that show…

  20. united
    5.west ham
    7.aston villa city
    9.blackburn rovers
    14.M.K Dons
    16.charlton athletic

  21. 1.manchester united
    6.west ham
    7.blackburn rovers
    8.aston villa
    9.bolton wanderers
    10.charlton athletic
    12.wigan city

  22. As an Arsenal fan, i don’t think Arsenal will win, but I’m sure we’ll end up in 2nd or 3rd place. I think Liverpool will win it this year. Manure made a bad mistake by selling van nistelrooy. When Arsenal played Manure at Old Trafford this year, we won adn we ahd no Henry, van Persie and we were missing some of our main defenders and Toure who was playing was half injured. Adebayor was playing up front alone and even though we were mssing so many key players, we still won. Arsenal’s main focus this year si the Champions League and Im sure we’ll win it this year.

  23. This comment is surely late, but i couldn’t help noticing how erroneous your prediction was. You even dared to think that Tottenham would finish above Utd. Hahahahahahaha. You got everything wrong mate.

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