Chelsea Raise The Bar Before 2006/2007 Season Begins

When the Premiership season concluded on May 7, many people (myself included) were commenting how next season will be a four horse race instead of two. Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United are worthy contenders for the 2006/2007 title.

How quickly things change. With Chelsea’s acquisition of Shevchenko and Ballack, the west London outfit has raised the bar without even kicking a ball. For Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool to compete against such class is a very tall order.

Of course, the season isn’t over before it’s even started. But if Mourinho can slot the Ukrainian and German into his team and improve on last year’s performance, then Chelsea will be even tougher to defeat. The real question for Chelsea is whether they have what it takes to win the Champions League.

3 thoughts on “Chelsea Raise The Bar Before 2006/2007 Season Begins”

  1. Don’t forget they also signed Kalou and it seems they are still looking into getting John Obi Mikel.

    I still think it’s going to be a close race to the title for all 4 teams, despite Chelsea’s big signings.

  2. the thing is that only 11 of them play at one time…
    I think jose if going for broke to win the CL.. none of these players , sheva ballack or carlos have any resell value and I think he will leave chelsea after that …

  3. Chimera:

    Very good point. Mourinho is going ‘Champions League or bust’ and putting all of his eggs in one basket. Your point about Jose leaving after accomplishing the Champions League win next year is very insightful. I totally agree.


    Yep, those signings are going to have a big impact on the Blues too. After all of the fighting between ManU and Chelsea over Obi Mikel, it’ll be interesting to see *how* good this lad is.

    The Gaffer

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