2006/2007 New Man United Kit

To me, one of the most exciting things about the summer is waiting for the new Premiership kits to be unveiled. These days, the kit launches are a big marketing campaign with press conferences and photographers.

But the most interesting story is that of Manchester United. The team has already announced that they’re changing the design of their kits this upcoming season (except for the blue strip, which will stay the same), but the new strip hasn’t been unveiled yet and the shirt is already clouded in mystery.

Is it the one featured above? It looks authentic (except, of course, for the addition of the new sponsor’s name – AIG). I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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12 thoughts on “2006/2007 New Man United Kit”

  1. I highly doubt that’s the new kit for Man United. I must say though just like you I am always anxious to see the new club kits.

  2. hmm..okay now you have me swaying a bit here. hehe

    Those do look real. I guess we will just have to wait and see huh?

  3. i would not be surprised if this was the new utd shirt as reports on the man utd website have claimed they are going for a retro look similar to there 1956 busby babes kit. if you look at the 56 kit u will notice the resembelence. anyway looks as tho we will still have to wait and see


    even arsenal made cool new kits to comemorate the old shirts. now ours, just looks like an old shirt. i could have designed that at school if you had asked me really nicely….

  5. yep that is defo the new kit. I received a man united newsletter/advert today with piccies of the kit. The one pictured here is better because it doesnt have the sponsor AIG across the front. I think this new kit would be better without the gold piping. If they were gonna do retro then they shoulda just done retro all the way. no fany piping bllx

  6. I think that the new kit look quite nice…but at the end of the day it’s not the kit that matters it’s the players playing in it and the CLUB there playin for.So get behind the boys next season.CHELSEA BEWARE!!! Joel

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