The streaming service joint venture between FOX, Warner Bros Discovery, and ESPN finally has a name that fans can look forward to. It’s Venu Sports.

With live sports at the forefront of the platform, this service will be a place for cord-cutters to access ample live offerings without a pay-TV subscription. Three major providers are on board, and each has a different collection of live sports. For example, FOX has coverage of the World Cup. Warner Bros Discovery and TNT broadcast games featuring the USMNT and USWNT. Finally, ESPN has the largest range of live sports content in the United States.

Recently, the trio of services unveiled a new brand identity for something that promises to be powerful for sports fans in the United States. Venu Sports is a direct-to-consumer service that includes content from all the professional American sports leagues and college sports.

Venu Sports does not have a price point yet. Nor did the three parties decide how much of their content would be available on Venu Sports. Instead, all we know is the name and the identity. There is still the chance Venu Sports fails to earn regulatory approval. The Department of Justice may have a case to block this service as it could represent a violation of antitrust policies. If it can get past that hurdle, though, Venu Sports could be integral for the American sports fan.

Venu Sports can have ample soccer content

As stated, American sports are covered. FOX and ESPN both have rights to the NFL and MLB. WBD and ESPN have coverage of the NHL and NBA. FOX has select Major League Soccer games and TNT airs fixtures featuring the United States men’s and women’s national teams. While that is good for soccer content, it does not scratch the surface of how potent this service can be for soccer fans.

FOX has seemingly all the international soccer tournaments. The FIFA World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Copa America, and European Championship are certainly the biggest international competitions in the world.

For now, fans will have to wait. Venu Sports announced that it will be coming in the Fall of 2024. Again, that assumes all goes accordingly regarding regulatory approval. Yet, that would come at a perfect time in the middle of the European soccer season to see what it can do for American soccer fans.