In his never-ending campaign to end racism in sports, Vinicius remains front and center in Spain’s media.

The talented winger, widely recognized as one of the best players in the world, sobbed uncontrollably at a news conference just before his match against Spain. He cited the constant racial abuse he endures as the reason.

The 23-year-old detailed the experiences of racism he has had in Spain, including seeing a monument near Real Madrid’s training field. The Brazilian also explained how it has affected his motivation to compete, expressing anguish over the abuse.

In addition to calling for improved protection, Vinicius stressed the importance of clearly defined penalties for racism. “It’s something quite sad, it’s something that happens here in every game, every day”, he said.

“Every legal complaint of mine makes me very sad. But like all the black people around the world. It’s something sad. This is something that is happening. Not only in Spain, but also around the world… It also happened to my father, they chose a white man over a black man. It’s something that I notice, and I fight because they have chosen me… I fight so that In the near future it won’t happen to anyone again.”

“I feel supported by my teammates and by the footballers, and I hope and wish that racism will decrease. The only thing left to do is work and continue on the path already started. The footballers send me messages of support. I have to improve on the field. I’m still just 23 years old and it’s a natural progression… You leave Brazil very young without having learned so many things.”

Too much to handle in Spain?

But has the constant stream of ugly incidents finally reached breaking point? Fan speculation has suggested that the winger could be considering a permanent departure from La Liga.

Among the many proposals that have surfaced is the idea that Vinicius would discover far less racism in English soccer, The Times thinks. Since the Premier League has taken steps to eliminate racist conduct, they believe the Brazil international may encounter less of it there.

Despite this, instances do occur. Racist remarks to Ivan Toney are only one example of the persistent problem; nonetheless, there has been great progress compared to Spain.

Racism is an issue in the Iberian country, but they are reluctant to admit it. Unfortunately, it has only hampered efforts to educate the public and remove the problem.

Vinicius Jr talking about racism whilst playing for Real Madrid
Vinicius Jr talking about racism whilst playing for Real Madrid

Vinicius Jr talking about racism whilst playing for Real Madrid

What did Carlo Ancelotti say about Vinicius?

When Carlo Ancelotti’s team faces Athletic Club at home on Sunday, Vincius will not be there. Before the international break, he received his fifth yellow card in La Liga, which resulted in a one-game suspension.

The ex-Flamengo star’s emotional press conference was still a topic of inquiry for Ancelotti, however. Some have speculated that racism may be the last straw that causes Vinicius to quit the club, and Ancelotti was questioned about this.

“For Vinicius, it’s obvious that [battling against racism] is a very important issue. He takes it very seriously and that’s what we all have to do, take it very seriously”, he said, via Diario Sport.

“I don’t worry about Vinicius leaving. The thing that worries me a lot is that he can’t play tomorrow [Sunday]. That’s what worries me.”

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