Fabrizio Romano reportedly offered Danish soccer teams help to promote their transfers in exchange for money.

The transfer market is something the Italian ace is famous for covering and discussing at length. With 20 million Twitter and 27 million Instagram followers, he is perhaps the most famous soccer voice and personality on the planet.

Additionally, Tipsbladet allegedly has proof that one of Romano’s employers, Memmo, has offered to sell clubs his services. That way, the journalist would boost publicity for upcoming transfers and make clubs pay more.

According to Romano’s recent report, Roony Bardghji is unwilling to discuss extending his contract with Copenhagen, which ends in 2025. The journalist claims that it is preventing the player from receiving playing time at the moment. According to Tipsbladet, the club has refuted the claim that there is any truth to this narrative.

“I know, Fabrizio Romano is adored out there. But I just have to say that he often goes on errands for agents and gets his information from there. This seems strikingly to be in the interests of the hinterland to put pressure on FCK.

“It tells us a lot that the company behind Romano is trying to enter into partnerships with clubs. So, you have to take what he comes up with with a grain of salt, because it may be with a commercial intention that he says it,” states Danish journalist, Troels Bager Thogersen.

With almost 15 years of experience covering the murky side of the transfer market, Tipsbladet’s pundit Thogersen is a seasoned pro.

Another club comes forward

When reading a post by Fabrizio Romano, consider the same elements as Roony Bardghji’s narrative illustrates. Thus, clubs and agencies bear the cost of PR, transforming it from journalism to a business endeavor.

Now another Scandinavian club has come forward to accuse Fabrizio Romano of requesting payment in exchange for generating news. The former marketing manager of the Norwegian team Valerenga claims that a firm associated with Romano contacted him. The Italian wanted to generate buzz and interest in the club by spreading reports about players up for sale.

“In my seven years in top football, I have received many strange inquiries, but never like this. This must be one of the world’s most famous ‘journalists.’ It’s completely nonsensical, and I remember that after this incident, I stopped following him on social media,” Mehran Amundsen-Ansari told Idrettspolitikk.no.

There have been rumors that Romano has signed contracts with clubs and agencies, and these stories might prove those rumors true.

Copenhagen confirm rumors

In addition, the ex-marketing manager of Valerenga told Tipsbladet: “I consider the interest from Memmo to be 100 percent real. He had to post on his own channels, yes”.

Copenhagen’s communications manager Jes Mortensen confirmed the offer they received earlier.

“Like Valerenga, we can confirm that we have been contacted with an offer where Fabrizio Romano would take part in a video about an FCK transfer for a fee.”