FOX Sports World Cup schedule has been revealed. The headline is that every USA game will air on the FOX network. Other than that, there are some changes compared to how FOX Sports televised the previous World Cup.

Unfortunately, FOX Sports’ conflicts with NFL and college football programming means that there’ll be fewer games on FOX. For the 2018 World Cup in Russia, FOX Sports aired 38 games on its over-the-air FOX Network. In contrast, the number has been reduced by three to 35 for World Cup 2022. Those three games will be on FS1 instead for a total of 29 games on that channel. FIFA’s decision to reschedule the Qatar 2022 from summer to winter certainly didn’t help matters.

Looking at the schedule below, the two days that will hurt FOX Sports the most are Saturday to Sunday, November 26-27. On that opening weekend, none of the games will air on FOX. That’s due to scheduling conflicts with college football and NFL. The two major matches that the FOX network would have loved to air are Argentina vs. Mexico and Spain versus Germany.

Elsewhere, FIFA’s decision to showcase a lot of the major games in the 2PM-4PM ET time slot helps. Every single day, there is a mammoth game scheduled in the 2-4PM ET time slot of the FOX Sports World Cup schedule:

USA vs. Ukraine, Scotland or Wales, Nov. 21
France vs. Peru, Australia or UAE, Nov. 22
Belgium vs. Canada, Nov. 23
Brazil vs. Serbia, Nov. 24
England vs. USA, Nov. 25
Argentina vs. Mexico, Nov. 26
Spain vs. Germany, Nov. 27
Portugal vs. Uruguay, Nov. 28
Iran vs. USA, Nov. 29
Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico, Nov. 30
Germany vs. Costa Rica or New Zealand, Dec. 1
Serbia vs. Switzerland, Dec. 2

NFL hasn’t announced anything official yet, but they’ve done FOX a solid. FOX’s Thanksgiving Day NFL game will air later that day to allow FOX Network to air two World Cup games in the afternoon.

Overall, the FOX World Cup schedule is the best it can be. If the competition had been held in the summer as originally scheduled, it would have avoided some major conflicts. But due to Qatar’s scorching temperatures, that was not meant to be.


FOX Sports World Cup schedule