The best way to experience the most popular soccer league in the world is to watch it in 4K. For the 2022/23 season, the good news is that more Premier League games in 4K are available.

Speaking on a conference call this week with the media, NBCUniversal had some exciting developments to share.

First, Premier League games that are shown in 4K during the 2022/23 season are UHD HDR. To be specific, that is ultra high definition high dynamic range. Subsequently, that’s an upgrade from previous seasons.

“There will also be increased number of broadcasts from it compared to the past,” said Pierre Moossa — Coordinating Producer for NBC Sports Group’s Premier League coverage. “We will still be taking the fully produced world-feed from the Premier League and will be distributing that to many different aspects. There are plans in place coming up for it to be available on other platforms as well.

“It will (feature) Premier League graphics with their commentators.”

Where can I find Premier League 4K broadcasts?

While it is great news that fans can watch these matches in 4K, only fuboTV, DirecTV, and YouTubeTV currently have access to these games at the moment. fuboTV is an exceptional option for soccer fans that also watch entertainment and news programs as well. With plans starting at $70 per month and offering more than 100 total channels, including the aforementioned 4K option, it is hard to argue with its value. This is especially true considering the wealth of games available each day and night on the platform.

In the case of fuboTV, the streaming service has a separate NBC 4K channel. Note that you’ll need a 4K television or monitor to watch the game in the highest definition possible.

To find out which Premier League games each week are in 4K, the details are included in our EPL Commentators Schedule. It’s published every Friday at Noon ET.

For instance, this weekend both televised games are also available in 4K. That’s Crystal Palace versus Arsenal, and Everton against Chelsea.

As pictured above, the 4K UHD HDR require special cameras to broadcast in 4K. Not every game will be 4K, but this news is a step in the right direction.

Photo credit: Matthew Ashton – AMA / Contributor via Getty Images