Here is how to use ESPN+ multicast for continuous soccer content.

One of the best-kept secrets about watching soccer on streaming is the Multicast feature that’s included on Apple TV devices.

Multicast isn’t new, but it’s a feature that’s a must-have for soccer fans for two main reasons: (1) More games are moving to streaming, and (2) so many must-see matches happen at the same time.

Multicast is only available on Apple TV and XBOX One. The video below demonstrates what it is. Perhaps more important, we also explain how to use it.

Our video is a good reminder on how to use ESPN+ multicast. This is especially true if you already have an Apple TV.

By this stage, many soccer fans subscribe to ESPN+ because it offers a ton of soccer coverage including Bundesliga, LaLiga, EFL Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, League Cup, USL, NWSL, International Champions Cup, Eredivisie, and FA Community Shield.

If you love to watch the Bundesliga, La Liga, and FA Cup, in particular, ESPN+’s Multicast feature on Apple TV is a must-have to watch several games at once.

Multicast is not for everyone, especially those following one team or game. However, it differs from anything else offered by streaming services. Maybe in the future, we’ll see something like this available on Roku, Amazon Fire or other devices. Until then, it’s an ideal selling point for Apple TV and XBOX One.

Here’s our video on why Apple TV is the best device for streaming soccer games:

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