Commentate On Live World Cup Matches Or Listen to Other Commentators With You’ll Never Talk Alone

Does any football supporter anywhere actually like their TV commentators? One German website reckons not. That’s exactly why became the world’s first website for live football commentary, giving the fans the ability to commentate on the game, live.

So far, according to reports, it’s been a runaway success, which has encouraged them to launch an international edition at You’ just in time for the World Cup.

Football supporters all over the world will now be able to visit the website armed only with a computer, a mic and an internet connection. and commentate on the World Cup. The site appeals to football supporters who just want to turn down the sound on their TV while watching a live game and switch on one of the audio commentators via the website.

“It’s time for a worldwide ‘football commentating democracy’,” explains Moritz Eckert, founder and CEO of both websites. “In Germany, we had thousands of football fans come to our website to commentate on Euro 2012 as an alternative to the regular commentators on TV: young and old, men and women, comedians and tacticians, neutral and partial, emotional and easy-going, good ones and bad ones – but they were all pretty authentic. Now we’re welcoming commentators from other football-mad countries like England, Scotland, the USA and others. I myself am hoping to find a cynical Scotsman to listen to for England’s next penalty shootout.”

The commentators on You’ll Never Talk Alone are automatically sorted by number of listeners during each live game so that you can find the best commentators, who are then given feedback about their quality and style by the listeners. “It’s not easy to commentate on a whole football game, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun – for us and our hundreds of listeners,” says Steffen Hoffmann, a regular commentator on marcel-ist-reif since Euro 2012 who co-commentates with a friend under the handle Hoffmann_McBain and is known for his emotional yet analytical style.

Marcel-ist-reif launched successfully in Germany in time for Euro 2012, gaining around 2,500 different commentators, more than 100,000 listeners and two post-Championship awards. won the “Glenfiddich Pioneer Award” for startups and was nominated for one of the most famous media awards in Germany, the “Grimme Online Award.”

The inspiration for this new service came when the founder Moritz Eckert went to buy more beer at half-time during a UEFA Champions League game. He was watching the game on TV in his hometown of Berlin.

“I walked by some bar where a load of students were discussing the tactics in the game and then listened as the person at the checkout make jokes about the two teams and realized: There should be a way to give all these football fans a platform where they can comment on football during live games.”

Together with two friends, Eckert built and, which he describes as “still a hobby project by football fans for football fans, not some big business”.

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