Bomb Pops or Dominos Pizza Delivery Uniform? More Photos of USMNT’s Away Jersey For World Cup 2014

New photos of the USMNT away jersey for World Cup 2014 have been leaked on the Internet.

The photographs above and below show shipments have begun to arrive early at a sports store in the United States. The photos are consistent with previously leaked images of the USMNT away jersey for World Cup 2014.

The one aspect of the World Cup jersey that we haven’t seen before that’s pictured below is the back of the shirt.

But the question has to be asked regarding what influenced Nike to design this shirt. Was it Bomb Pops or the delivery uniform for Domino’s Pizza? You decide.

So far, the jury is out on the new shirts. Some people love them. Some fans hate them. Share your opinion in the comments section below.

View: Official photos of the USMNT World Cup home jersey for 2014.

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10 thoughts on “Bomb Pops or Dominos Pizza Delivery Uniform? More Photos of USMNT’s Away Jersey For World Cup 2014”

  1. 3 and out in the group stage these hideous shirts will fade away just as quick. you can put me down for a NO vote.

  2. “Wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza”

    -Michelangelo, Ninja Turtle

  3. Given that there are at least 3 colors on this shirt, how does this pass FIFAs one color max rule for the World Cup. Is there a different rule for away kits?

    Btw, does this mean Brazil are in all yellow? That will be an utter travesty.

    1. The rule technically isn’t one color but FIFA has encouraged countries to wear one color. The rule is 2 colors max. Brazil will still have the yellow shirt/blue shorts.

  4. The US must be the only nation that changes its designs constantly. You never know what colours the home and away shirts are going to be.

  5. Upon reading FIFA’s new rules for World Cup shirts, this has to be a warm up shirt. This design isn’t allowed at the World Cup this year. FIFA has encourage one color shirts, but two are allowed.

  6. At least this design is 1000 x’s better then that horrible “Where’s Waldo” shirt.

    But it’s still an ugly design.

    I wonder who comes up with these? :-(

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