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MLS Scores 283% Overnight Ratings Increase For 2014 Season Opener

seattle kansas city MLS Scores 283% Overnight Ratings Increase For 2014 Season Opener

NBCSN’s live coverage of the 2014 MLS season opener between Seattle Sounders and Sporting Kansas City scored a ratings boost Saturday when the coverage netted a 283% increase over the 2013 season opener on NBCSN, based on overnight ratings.

Seattle-KC had an overnight rating of 0.23, which was 283% better than NBCSN’s season opener (0.06) for the Houston-DC United game on March 2, 2013. That game was shown from 8:15-10:30pm ET compared to Seattle-Kansas City, which was televised from 3-5:30pm ET.

The telecast of Seattle-KC was NBCSN’s second best MLS metered market rating ever (0.23). NBCSN’s previous record was 0.24 for New England-Philadelphia from July 29, 2012. That Revolution-Union game was preceded by coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games from London.

One major reason for the boost in ratings for Seattle-KC was that it was preceded by live coverage of Chelsea-Tottenham, which drew a 0.39 rating, up 34% from NBCSN’s Saturday 12:30pm ET window average to date (0.29). This was NBCSN’s second best metered market rating for that timeslot for the season-to-date. Liverpool-Southampton on March 1 (0.40) is the record overnight rating thus far.

The next MLS game scheduled on NBCSN is this Saturday between Seattle Sounders and Toronto. The game kicks off at 4:30pm ET.

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6 Responses to MLS Scores 283% Overnight Ratings Increase For 2014 Season Opener

  1. eplnfl says:

    Wow. Hats off to NBC and do you want may be if your the NBC higher ups consider keeping MLS on the network. NBC is riding high after the Olympic games and a great season EPL coverage. I should mention NHL coverage has been a plus for them also. I know Chris and Kartik are not big hockey fans.

    No doubt the Chelsea game lead in helped greatly but something that has been observed at least since the London Summer games is that the audience that tunes in early in the morning tends to stick with the station. NBC has capitalized on its EPL
    coverage starting in the pre-dawn hours in most of the US to create an all day interest in viewers.

    While I know it is too late I would think both MLS and NBC would both benefit from the relationship with EPL coverage becoming MLS coverage as the day goes on.

  2. Javier says:

    Excellent news. The spot right after the last premier league match needs to become a permanent time slot for MLS games. It is the perfect lead in may even bring more football fans to tune in.

  3. R.O says:

    It’s not how you start that counts but where you finish.

    I wonder how many fans or interest views will watch next week? Considering Seattle will be shown again. TFC will draw interest as they have a multitude of International Nat stars include Bradley, Dafoe, and Julio Cesar.

    If NBC continues to show the snooze fest of Seattle-KC, viewership will drop.

  4. WSW says:

    0.26 = 260k viewers.

    • Trolltossin says:

      Is that really how it is calculated because I doubt it. That means 100.0=100 million viewers? That doesnt sound right

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