Martin Skrtel Admits He May Move On After ‘Worst Liverpool Season’: The Nightly EPL

Liverpool central defender Martin Skrtel has admitted that he may leave the club after his “worst season” of his career, according to reports tonight in The Guardian.

“I have not had any specific offers but if some should come and they interest me, I would probably consider it seriously. The club has the biggest say in this in any case, because they have the right for it with me being contracted. I am not saying that I want to leave at any cost. I feel sorry for what happened in this season. But I have been here for five and a half years and I have built a position here.”

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has been looking at Kolo Toure as a replacement for the retired Jamie Carragher. And now with Skrtel casting doubts on his future at Anfield, there’s the possibility that the Slovak could be trying to tell other clubs “come and get me.”

The article also mentions that Liverpool are interested in signing Kyriakos Papadopoulos.

Regarding Martin Skrtel, what do you think? Should the defender stay at Liverpool and fight for his place in the side? Or is it time for the 28-year-old to move on to a different club? Have your say in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “Martin Skrtel Admits He May Move On After ‘Worst Liverpool Season’: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Unbelievable that Hughes is coasting into another job after failing everywhere else. But that’s Stoke for you. They don’t know any better. Apparently the last chance saloon is just off the M6.

    1. i agree how anybody would think about hiring Hughes is beyond me.I won’t believe it until it is official.

      What about your Lions?you better not hire alex McLeast their is another retread that needs to find a home in the mls.

      1. Last I heard we were getting some German bloke. He’ll last 5 minutes at the Den.

        Millwall should try something different and go with no manager. Let the players organize themselves. See what happens.

    2. At one point… I’m sure many clubs would have had him. Is it him, or did he just pick two teams just not suited for him. He does have a record of winning… Just not in the cash infused world of football. Am I wrong?

    3. Well said Smokey – It’s the old boys’ network kicking in. Like Robson, Hughes and Keano have not convinced anyone they can manage in the top flight, even with a decent cheque-book.

  2. Ian
    Your inside info let you down the fat waiter went for the ravioli instead of the oatcake.please no to Hughes Stoke is better than him.take a flyer on Poyet.

      1. Who says he’s “racist supporting”? And even if he was, who cares?

        Should managers have to complete some sort of political opinion survey before they can be deemed acceptable to manage a team?

  3. Almost spit out my coffee when I saw the Hughes headline, although there are fans who think he would fit. To me it just seems another instance of “…this tired old man that we elected king”. After Tony I’m looking for some inspiration. Unfortunately, the EPL is no different than the NFL, MLB, etc……..”Look, there’s a retread with some miles still on it. Grab it!”


  4. Skrtel had a really poor season but getting Kolo Toure isn’t any better. Apparently Toure and Liverpool have agreed on a 2 year deal. Skrtel is much better so I don’t understand why Liverpool would want to let Skrtel leave and bring in Toure instead.

    The Hughes to Stoke news is baffling considering that Hughes isn’t going to make Stoke that much better than they are now. Hughes isn’t known to change a club’s fortune right away so why not get a young manager with better ideas to move the club forward?

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