MLS Talk Podcast: This Week In Soccer, July 21

subscribe to podcast1 MLS Talk Podcast: This Week In Soccer, July 21On the latest edition of the MLS Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, your hosts Chris Webb and Chris Riordan bring you a view of the beautiful game from an American and sometimes regional perspective.  The opening segment is dedicated to discussion of the vast array of moves over the last 2 weeks, with TFC naturally being the center of attention.  Chris and Chris break down last week’s league action and hand out power rankings, before closing out with talk of the fantastic Fifa Women’s World Cup Final.

All this and more, on this slightly post dated, technically delayed edition of the MLS Talk : TWIUSS!

Production Note: Attempts were made to record the show the previous two weeks, however a combination of faulty studio equipment and bad weather condemned them to the ether.

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One Response to MLS Talk Podcast: This Week In Soccer, July 21

  1. DanB says:

    hey glad to see the podcast back.

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