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USL PRO Goes Coastal with New LA Franchise

The West Coast is getting USL PRO representation next year with the announcement of the new LA Blues franchise, set to begin play in 2011.  The club, which had been rumored for about a month to be the newest franchise for U.S. soccer’s new third division, will play in Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Stadium and be coached by Charlie Naimo, the former head coach of the Pali Blues (a professional women’s soccer club) and team general manager. The club becomes the third division’s fourteenth team and moves USL PRO two teams away from its stated goal of having sixteen for ... Read more

Galaxy Left Dazed and Confused

And this meant something. Bruce Arena fielded a somewhat — though not very — weakened team against the USL conference’s basement dwellers and most likely expected to end up taking a comfortable lead down to Bayamon for the return leg. He won’t be. The Islanders went on to smash the Galaxy 4 goals to 1, and LA didn’t even have the pleasure of putting the ball in the net, Islanders defender Martinez may have been feeling sorry for them when he scored a terrible own goal. It was an almost mind boggling match in which the Galaxy dominated possession and ... Read more

How MLS Is Practically Extinct In Parts of the U.S.

Sold out crowd at Lockhart Stadium for Miami Fusion v DC United I had the sudden realization Sunday that if aliens descended on my town and were asked to find any life of Major League Soccer in South Florida, the only thing they would find is MLS trading cards in the bargain bin of the local dollar store. Seriously. Sadly, Major League Soccer is extinct in South Florida. The nearest MLS team is 1,000 miles away. The last time I saw anyone wearing a MLS jersey was more than two years ago. And the last time there was a trace ... Read more

What Can North American Soccer Do To Beat Euro-Centric US TV?

Before ESPN or Fox Soccer Channel begins the live broadcast of a Major League Soccer game on a Saturday evening, many soccer fans are burned out. They’re burned out from watching a smorgasbord of European soccer that has been on television all day. Take a typical Saturday on US cable and satellite television, for example. Soccer fans in the United States can watch 7 live English Premier League games (more than anytime in US history), 1 live Serie A game, 3 La Liga matches and 2 Bundesliga games. That totals 13 live games (i.e. 26 hours of live coverage) before ... Read more

NASL Stepping Up to Fill Important Gap

AC St. Louis Fills A Big Gap Professional Soccer has often been a spottingly available product across North America, and MLS, as a Premier Division, cannot fill the gaps by itself.  This is where USL has often filled in, in the past, although USL has often been perceived as small market, for good reason in many cases. The reformed NASL aims to change that. The North American Soccer League 2.0 (Special Edition, Director’s Cut, etc) has stepped up where USL had failed previously.  While many of the teams in the NASL remain small market teams, there has been some significant ... Read more

MLS Draft, CBA, and More

Stuff I Follow from the Cheap Seats MLS Superdraft A good starting point for Superdraft information. Generation Adidas explained, reported by L.E. Eisenmenger. Before the expansion draft I was pegging Philadelphia to take defenseman Ike Opara with the first pick in the upcoming SuperDraft. But with their strong back line picks, Jordan Harvey and Shavar Thomas, along with the signing of Danny Califf, I am now leaning towards them taking forward Danny Mwanga. Update: It’s being reported that a deal is in place between the Union and Mwanga. MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA) In Defense of MLS Players by the Ginge. ... Read more

MLS Year End Throwins

An End of Year, Cleaning out some files post A bit of an older article by Fake Sigi illuminates some of the machinizations that occur beyond the pitch that surround clubs and stadiums. Bill Archer’s post, The End of the Beginning, is a good piece on the labors issues in MLS. Mike Woitalla of Soccer America has an excellent post on European pro teams partnering with elite American youth clubs. American Soccer News presents Chris Wingert’s first person recount of MLS Cup final. Goal.com’s Q. & A. With U.S. and Houston Midfielder Stuart Holden. Kyle McCarthy’s view of MLS in ... Read more

The Forgotten Ones

You know, I think the Honda Fit is a cute car. I think that every time I see the banner ad on the front page, what irks me about it is the fact that I can’t really fit — no pun intended — my 6’7″ body in one without feeling like a sardine, oh well. I’ve said it before in my posts on MLS Talk, but I’m really annoyed by the whole USL v NASL drama. CBS just canceled As The World Turns, sensationally, and I’m willing to bet it was because the 50-something-year-old soap opera could no longer compete ... Read more