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Do You Support Team Garber or Team Klinsmann?

Whether it’s promotion and relegation, or major USMNT players leaving Europe for the riches of MLS, Jurgen Klinsmann has taken numerous whacks at Don Garber’s piñata recently. And Mr. Garber, desperate not to lose any PR or standing in the eyes of the growing American soccer populace, fought back. It does reek of desperation, but would be expected in a battle between MLS and the USMNT; whose aspirations are almost never one in the same. So, are you Team Garber, or Team Klinsmann?  Share your opinion in the comments section below. Major League Soccer is growing rapidly, and the USMNT players ... Read more

Landon Donovan’s Final USMNT Game Will Celebrate a Legend

Since Landon Donovan’s final USMNT game is Friday night in East Hartford, CT, it’s time to talk about legacies. Yes, the well will certainly run dry on this topic in short order, but before it goes as bare as the Aral Sea, examining Landon’s legacy is important. Whether he is the best player to ever represent the Stars and Stripes is debatable. Whether or not he is the most important player to do so is, however, not debatable at all. So what is his legacy, other than being the most important player in the history of the beautiful game on ... Read more

MLS Coaching Stability And How It Differs From Europe And South America

It’s commonly accepted in modern football that managers will come and go like frequency waves. A run of bad results here, a falling out there, and the man in charge is changed. I say that because Ben Olsen was re-upped by DC United yesterday on a contract that will keep in him the nation’s capital until 2019. And I say that because at this time last year, DC were putting the finishing touches on the worst season in MLS history – three wins from 34 games. It’s almost impossible to describe how bad United were in 2013. Few coaches, if ... Read more

3 Things We Learned From the Latest USWNT Friendlies

After a combined score of 12-0 in a two game friendly series with Mexico, the United States Women’s National Team seems to be sitting in prime position heading into CONCACAF qualifying. There is little question on the American’s ability to perform at the tournament, sitting as heavy favorites to take first, the question centers around which players head coach Jill Ellis will choose to fill her 20 women roster. The USWNT’s latest friendlies against their southern rivals answered several question (at the same time creating a handful more) that will make Ellis’s decision on that much more difficult as the ... Read more

USMNT Player Ratings In 1-0 Against The Czech Republic

The first friendly after a World Cup is usually a particularly mind-numbing affair, but there were certainly positives for the United States to take out of another win on European soil at the Czech Republic, and one big sound-bite from Jurgen Klinsmann on his 2018 expectations. Here are the player ratings. Brad Guzan, 7: Did well in his half in goal, doing nothing to jeopardize his place as the number one goalkeeper in Tim Howard’s temporary absence. Timothy Chandler, 6: After not seeing any time at the World Cup, Chandler had a nice game getting forward on his flank, and ... Read more

Bob Bradley Signs to Coach USMNT Through 2014 World Cup

Reports have come out this evening confirming that Bob Bradley will stay as coach of the US Mens National Team for another four years.  Just as speculation was growing that Bradley would be out, Jurgen Klinsmann would be in, and US Soccer was going to make some significant changes before the next World Cup, it seems that everyone has chosen stability over transformation.  There are several different ways to look at this: This was the right move Bradley may not be the most charismatic character of all time, but he did well.  Under his stewardship, the US won the Gold ... Read more

Landon Donovan is Going to Europe. It’s About Time.

In a post-game interview after last night’s All-Star game, Landon Donovan said “We have had transfer interest and we will have some time to think about it and see where it goes.  There is interest from a number of teams.” To be explicit, what Donovan said he is going to Europe, and it is not a matter of when (next month) but of who (Everton, Man City, Serie A or somewhere else) and at what price. Landon Donovan is, simply said, the best American soccer player of all time.  He has speed, ball skills, game vision, and a scoring touch ... Read more

An American Soccer Culture Emerges in South Africa

Soccer has an almost magical ability to reflect a national character.  Brazil is a sensuous, musical nation, and for its national soccer team, it is not enough to simply win – they need to win with grace, style and beauty.  At the other end of the spectrum, a disciplined, efficient country like Germany has created a team that wins with ruthless well-organized proficiency.  Italians always believe that the fix is in, and a player that dives and feigns injury to get a penalty or an opponent sent off is simply a clever person navigating a corrupt world.  After a few ... Read more