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Who is USA Bid’s Most Effective Spokesperson?

Less than 48 hours from now, we will know whether the U.S. bid for the 2022 World Cup was a success or a failure.  In Zurich the U.S. delegation is counting votes, firming up yeses and feeling out no votes.  One advantage the U.S. has is star power, something a country like Qatar has to import or hire.  It may be hard for a delegate to shake the hand of a famous movie star or politician and turn down the United States. The official presentation on December 2 will be done by a four-man committee: US Bid chair Sunil Gulati, ... Read more

Is the 2022 World Cup Worth MLS Selling Out?

As part of his second state of the union at halftime of the MLS Cup, Don Garber revealed that MLS would be considering shifting the season from spring-to-fall to the FIFA-endorsed fall-to-spring schedule.  While this is not the first time MLS has considered shifting its schedule, Garber said that the rethink was pushed by FIFA and was tied into the U.S. World Cup bid.  It’s no secret that FIFA has long been disappointed that MLS is not in-sync with most of the rest of the soccer world and they have pressured MLS to conform to everyone else.  But if FIFA ... Read more

What Defines Success in South Africa?

Today, the US returns to the country where four months ago they experienced greatness and disappointment, and are once again being led there by Bob Bradley.  This time the stakes are much lower, as the team is playing a midweek friendly with their B- or C-team.  On its face, this match should only merit passing mention before focusing on the MLS Cup this weekend and the newly-announced Chilean friendly next January.  But this is an important match for a number of reasons, and the US does have a bar to clear for this trip to be deemed a success. The ... Read more

Time to Redouble our World Cup Bid Efforts

As everyone is well aware, Chicago’s hopes of landing the 2016 Summer Olympic Games came crashing back to Earth last week with a thud. You can place the blame wherever you please, many people are, but you can’t deny that it comes as a blow to our collective sporting ego. It’s at this time that we must accept the fact that Rio simply put forth a superior bid and redouble our efforts to land the World Cup — the world’s largest sporting event — in either 2018 or 2022. In 1994 the United States, a nation which was still very ... Read more

The 2010 MLS Season: Fair To The World Cup & Balanced

Major League Soccer A common complaint about Major League Soccer is its failure or unwillingness to observe FIFA International breaks. As recently as this month we have seen MLS matches played at the same time as crucial World Cup Qualifiers involving the United States National Team, this despite earlier indications from MLS that the League was going to pay closer attention to these FIFA breaks during the 2009 season. While frustrating, this attitude by MLS towards the FIFA breaks is not surprising since, historically, MLS does not suspend its season during the World Cup finals. Today there was finally some ... Read more