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New Coaches and Same Results for MLS Teams

For Toronto and Philadelphia, the “international break” was an opportunity for renewal and revival.  Both teams had miserable starts to the season but both still were in shouting distance of fifth place in the Eastern Conference.  For the Union, the Nowak era was loudly coming to an end as popular players were slowly being shipped off as the head coach kept trying to remake the team in his image (see Earl’s analysis here).  Toronto’s woes were even more embarrassing: a year after beginning the implementation of the Total Football style Canadian edition, the Reds set a record for most losses to ... Read more

New Look Reds Marching In? 3 Questions for Toronto FC

In my 2011 season preview, I predicted that Toronto would struggle for the first few months under its newest leadership structure (new general manager and head coach) but toward the end of the year start to look like a promising team for 2012.  I had no clue that the amount of change they would undergo in a few short months: only two players would start both the first and last game of the season.  The 2012 version of Toronto FC is a new franchise personnel-wise, and I suspect we will see more changes over the next few months. So is ... Read more

West Ham United v MLS All-Stars On ESPN Tonight

Tonight West Ham United plays the Major League Soccer All-Star Team in Toronto, Canada. The match will be shown live on ESPN and ESPN360.com beginning at 7pm ET. I’m intrigued by this match but it’s hard to get excited. West Ham is one of the most vanilla football clubs in the Premier League. The club has few players that spark a lot of emotion other than Dean Ashton. Then there’s boring old manager Alan Curbishley. And lastly, you have to wonder how different everything may have been if the original choice for the opposition was selected instead of West Ham: ... Read more