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3 Ways MLS Can Combat the Fierce Competition From Foreign Leagues

As we’ve discussed for weeks now on this site, the new MLS brand (“MLS Next”) comes at a time of incredible importance to the league. For most of the front office and media, the focus has been on the league’s future and how bright it looks. However, the league needs to take a hard look at the present if it even wants to have a future considering the American soccer landscape is more challenging than it seems. The league office decided to launch its rebrand to coincide with some major changes to the league. You can argue the last major ... Read more

Analyzing The MLS Playoff Race In Detail

There’s about a month to go in the MLS season, which will wrap up at the end of October. That means playoff races are reaching their apex, as the field is set for the November tournament that is the best of what the league has to offer. MLS doesn’t have promotion and relegation – and no, it’s almost certainly not happening in your lifetime – the playoffs function as the alternative drama to the race against the drop. Some would say it’s better drama. David Villa marveled at the playoff system, saying at the MLS NEXT launch in New York ... Read more

Analysing The Race For The MLS Playoffs

September is here, and that means that Major League Soccer enters that period when the results seem to matter even more. Some teams have surprised thus far, others have followed form, but with a month and change left, teams that haven’t risen to the top will be fighting to make the cut. Let’s group these teams into categories, and see how they all shake out: EASTERN CONFERENCE Sure things: DC United – A dismal 2013 behind them, their lead should help them withstand a slightly road-heavy backend of schedule. Should Get In: Sporting Kansas City – Defending champions, in a ... Read more

Upheaval at Toronto FC And Headaches for Maple Leaf Sports

I’m not a person who believes in the alleged universe-balancing force of karma, where the bad Déjà vu brings forth an action that was the result of your own misdemeanour. But as a native Western New Yorker, it’s hard to ignore the situation just around the western shores of Lake Ontario and not mull the existence of such a substance. The darling of the 2014 offseason in Major League Soccer, Toronto FC was all the talk. Months after Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) brought Tim Leiweke aboard as CEO, the Reds splashed onto the transfer market and grabbed two big ... Read more

Toronto FC Must Work Hard To Rid Themselves Of Their Obscure Identity

The well-worn life adage “the bigger they are, the harder they fall,” is almost always an on-the-money assessment of spectacular collapses. In Toronto, the football club that many credit with starting MLS supporter culture when they joined the league in 2007 is famous for their staggering incompetence. In a league where over half the teams competing make the playoffs, Toronto – a big market team with money – hasn’t made it once in their first seven years. The club has had more seasons than coaches, and more last-place finishes since they’ve been in the league than any other franchise – ... Read more

MLS ’13 – Reviewing the Coaching Hires

As Earl said yesterday, we’re doing the MLS preview a little differently this year, and our first article today is on the men on the bench, the new head coaches.  This offseason five teams from various situations and needs hired new head coaches, all from very diverse backgrounds.  MLS teams have been trending towards hiring former players, as a way to bring in league knowledge and experience to help their teams.  Of the five coaches hired this offseason (not counting John Hackworth, who was given his gig full time), only two three played in MLS.  Time will ultimately tell how successful ... Read more

The Eliminated: Who Are You Rooting for in the Playoffs?

In MLS, 56% of teams made the playoffs this year, meaning your team had a pretty good chance to make at least the 4 v. 5 game of the playoffs (except you, Toronto fans, sorry).  Of course, at the end of the season, 44% of teams didn’t.  Some just fell short, like Montreal and FC Dallas.  Some were a little farther away.  But the fact remains that if you are a soccer fan and your team didn’t make the playoffs, even these tantalizing match-ups can be at times hard to watch as you wonder what if. Except that the playoffs ... Read more

New Look Reds Marching In? 3 Questions for Toronto FC

In my 2011 season preview, I predicted that Toronto would struggle for the first few months under its newest leadership structure (new general manager and head coach) but toward the end of the year start to look like a promising team for 2012.  I had no clue that the amount of change they would undergo in a few short months: only two players would start both the first and last game of the season.  The 2012 version of Toronto FC is a new franchise personnel-wise, and I suspect we will see more changes over the next few months. So is ... Read more