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Canada Shocks Yanks 2-0 in Olympic Qualifier

(Note: we were unable to do a post-game chat for this game at the last minute; however, please join us Monday for the critical last group stage match and post-game analysis) All of the warm fuzzies after Thursday’s thrashing of Cuba have vanished. The Yanks suffered a major upset this evening, falling to their rivals to the north 2-0 before 10k plus in Nashville.  The loss puts the U.S. third in Group A and needing a win outright on Monday to advance to the semifinals and have a chance at qualifying for the London Olympics. The days started poorly for ... Read more

Is Sporting KC the Eastern Conference Favorites? Three Questions for KC

If Sporting Kansas City’s season had a title, it would be “Night and Day”.  A tough start to the season, no doubt spurred on by the never-ending road trip, saw the team open Livestrong Park and use its great atmosphere to rocket to the top of the Eastern Conference.  Although they fell in the conference finals, the team has enough young players and talent that going into 2012, it has to be considered one of the favorites for the East. So how can Sporting KC make this happen?  Here are “Three Questions” that will define how KC enters the new ... Read more

Is Sporting Kansas City the Team to Beat Out East?

Anyone who has been looking for a new home understands the feeling of displacement that comes with it: the yearning for something new and different which you can model after your vision, while still feeling unsettled because you haven’t found that perfect place yet.  In June, MLS fans looked at Kansas City and either pitied or ignored them.  For a team who should have had Ricky Nelson sing its theme song, the season looked like a lost one.  Despite the new name and new logo, it was the same ol’ Kansas City, going from road game to road game trying to hang on until ... Read more

Klinsmann Unveils His First USMNT Roster

The U.S. v. Mexico rematch friendly is less than a week away, and today Jurgen Klinsmann unveiled his first list of call-ups as the head coach for the national team.  The Mexico friendly comes at a tricky time for the U.S., as the bigger European leagues are kicking off this month and Klinsmann might have hesitated to call-up players overseas in these leagues.  Mexico will also be missing key players, and with their national team having played in both the Gold Cup and Copa America this summer, they may use the opportunity to rotate eligible players. Nevertheless, the roster has ... Read more

Here is Who Should Really Make the Gold Cup Team

Photo by C.A.M. Stephans By now you have probably heard the Bob Bradley deadline of May 23 to announce his call-ups for the U.S. National Team. This is a critical call-up, as not only will these players play in the 2011 Gold Cup but also in the friendly versus Spain.  As such, Bob Bradley will likely go the opposite of Camp Cupcake and take a veteran lineup to Foxborough. But should he?  What should be the goals of the US Men’s National Team, June 2011 edition?  I’d argue the following should be the goals of Bob Bradley’s squad, in this ... Read more

The Week in Review: April 25-29, 2011

Photo by nicksarebi Quite possibly this has been one of the darkest weeks in MLS in a long time.  David Ferreira is gone for a while, Steve Zakuani’s situation is even worse, the league handed out the longest suspension in its history, Seattle is suffering even more with O’Brian White’s surgery, and RSL suffered a gut-punch defeat.  All of this overshadowed a good weekend of action and threatens to overshadow what is a good slate of games this weekend. Fortunately not all is dark and gloomy in American soccer; here are some of the more up-beat stories not covered this ... Read more

Predictions for the U.S.-Chile Friendly

Tomorrow night (or evening for those on the West Coast) the United States January camp team will take the pitch against Chile in a friendly where both sides are lacking all of their biggest stars.  Chile is a good South American squad, normally second-tier behind countries like Brazil and Argentina, but with their former coach leading the team and not bringing many starters, this is a tough match to judge how far the U.S. is coming against international competition.  And as has been stated ad nasuem, this is a very very young United States team, with a total of 23 ... Read more

Ten Superdraft Players Who Will Make An Immediate Impact in MLS Next Year

One thing I like about the MLS Superdraft is that it is the type of draft where a first round player can make an almost immediate impact.  Some sports try to hype their drafts, but at the end of the day the draftees will languish in the minors for a few years hoping to eventually make the big leagues.  The most exciting prospect of the 2010 MLB draft will probably take two years to reach the majors in the most optimistic scenarios.  Contrast this with MLS – the top five players in last year’s draft are already contributors for their ... Read more