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List Of 9 Other Potential Lawsuits in Light of Valencia And DC Comics Saga

For 75 years Batman has deftly defended Gotham City from the mass-murderous schemes of such villains as the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face, Bane, and Poison Ivy. Now, the Dark Knight must tackle his most terrifying threat yet  – an attack on his $11 billion merchandise empire. DC Comics is now battling La Liga’s Valencia C.F. over the latter’s attempt to trademark a new version of its bold bat-logo in Europe. Valencia’s crest has been crowned by a bat since the club’s birth in 1919, twenty years before Bill Finger and Bob Kane (who were paid pennies) introduced the Caped Crusader in ... Read more

The Sad Tale Of Steve Zakuani’s Ailing MLS Career

The question was only asked because there was nothing else to talk about. The press conference lasted all of 50 seconds. The Portland Timbers had just crushed Guyanese side Alpha United 6-0 in front of one of their smallest home crowds ever since joining MLS in a midweek CONCACAF Champions League respite from the furious MLS playoff race with a team of backups. For the few journalists assembled in the basement press room at Providence Park, it was the most forgettable of forgettable nights. So instead of asking about the game, someone asked a question about Steve Zakuani. The prolonged ... Read more

Analyzing The MLS Playoff Race In Detail

There’s about a month to go in the MLS season, which will wrap up at the end of October. That means playoff races are reaching their apex, as the field is set for the November tournament that is the best of what the league has to offer. MLS doesn’t have promotion and relegation – and no, it’s almost certainly not happening in your lifetime – the playoffs function as the alternative drama to the race against the drop. Some would say it’s better drama. David Villa marveled at the playoff system, saying at the MLS NEXT launch in New York ... Read more

Analysing The Race For The MLS Playoffs

September is here, and that means that Major League Soccer enters that period when the results seem to matter even more. Some teams have surprised thus far, others have followed form, but with a month and change left, teams that haven’t risen to the top will be fighting to make the cut. Let’s group these teams into categories, and see how they all shake out: EASTERN CONFERENCE Sure things: DC United – A dismal 2013 behind them, their lead should help them withstand a slightly road-heavy backend of schedule. Should Get In: Sporting Kansas City – Defending champions, in a ... Read more

NBC Highlights Two of MLS’s Best Rivalries to Mixed Results

Despite some of the more odd pairings for MLS Rivalry Weekend/Day (you can just taste the hatred between the Union and Revs!) the attempt by MLS and its TV partners to drive attention and viewers on a crowded sports weekend by putting so many hated teams on the pitch over two days led to some interesting matches.  While we wait to see if the marketing moved the dial, the schedule did put on the same day two of the best, most high-profile rivalries in MLS.  The first is one that has existed since the inception of the league and the ... Read more

MLS ’13 – Reviewing the Coaching Hires

As Earl said yesterday, we’re doing the MLS preview a little differently this year, and our first article today is on the men on the bench, the new head coaches.  This offseason five teams from various situations and needs hired new head coaches, all from very diverse backgrounds.  MLS teams have been trending towards hiring former players, as a way to bring in league knowledge and experience to help their teams.  Of the five coaches hired this offseason (not counting John Hackworth, who was given his gig full time), only two three played in MLS.  Time will ultimately tell how successful ... Read more

Seattle’s Defensive Gaffs Dragging Down Team

In their last seven MLS games, Seattle has lost four matches and drawn three, falling from near the top of the Western Conference to fourth in the conference, a point behind Cascadia rivals Vancouver but with the Galaxy in their rear view mirror.  What’s the reason for this mess?  Is it something more than a mid-season slide that can be corrected?  The answer was clearly seen this weekend against their rivals from Portland. To set the stage, the Sounders had not lost to the Timbers “during the MLS era”, a streak that did not look to end when facing a ... Read more

Cooper Trade Speaks Volumes on Red Bulls Future

The most intriguing pick-up in the 2012 MLS Superdraft was the one not made in Kansas City.  The Portland Timbers traded forward Kenny Cooper to the New York Red Bulls for the team’s 2013 first round Superdraft pick and conditional allocation money.  The move, announced prior to the draft, clears up some intriguing personnel conundrums for both teams. For Portland, it allows them to end the Cooper experiment after the team picked him up via free transfer.  His season was decent, as he scored 8 goals for the Timbers, but it was marred with inconsistency and a falling out with ... Read more